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SOLD!!! Deal of the Week!!! a little late

Sorry, the deal of the week is sold.



Okay, here it is. Finally. But first, the rules :

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 , call. it’s best to call.)

2. No holds. none. we just can’t.

3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.


This is a minimally tufted leather bench from one of our favorite companies – Cisco Brothers. A company famous for their beautiful upholstered and slipcovered furniture. This bench is upholstered in soft cut and sewn mushroom colored italian leather, with a dusty grey steel base. It is referred to as a architect’s bench, a perfect name for a piece of furniture with such subtle grace. It can be masculine. It can be modern. It is beautiful. Really.






Dimensions – 60″ wide, 16″deep, 18″high

original price – $1790   sale price – $400

Ready, set, go!

A little deal of the week advice…

The deal of the week will be posted later today. We are running a little behind this morning. But I will take this moment to offer some words of wisdom regarding the deal.

This post does not contain the deal of the week. However, it does contain pertinent information. – We’re going to call it a tip. Deal of the Week tip #1.I know you’ve already heard that the best way to get word of the Deal of the Week is to subscribe to our blog – its emailed out the second it’s published (if you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do so right over there, on the right side of the page) But here’s something we have learned form doing this. This is important, so pay attention. When you decide you want to buy the deal – call us. Call us, please. If you leave a comment on the blog or send us an email we might not see it for an hour or so, and we are so sorry about that. We are usually busy on the floor on Fridays – so we don’t always check our email or comments. But here’s the thing – We always answer the phone. So later, when we finally get to it, pick up the phone. It’s the best way. I promise.


A Mini-Sale!!

We just finished “red-lining” a couple of things. Some good things.

First – some pillows. These pillows are mostly linen and have great detailing – in the form of embroidery and appliqués. There are neutrals and some soft colors. For the most part they have a more formal look…not that they couldn’t be funky, if that’s what’s called for. They are actually really nice pillows. The problem, you ask? Why are they on sale, you might want to know. Well, the ugly truth is we’ve gone a little pillow crazy here recently, and something has got to go. Our new pillows are mostly handcrafted, one-of-a-kinds. So these more polished ones have got to go! They were originally priced at anywhere from $199 – $399. And as of today, until they are all gone they will be $99 each. Here’s a look:





Next up, two arm chairs – english arms to be exact. Oh, and a matching ottoman. So, let’s recap – two chairs, one ottoman. They are upholstered in a lightish brown fabric. You could almost call it a tweed texture. These chairs are classic. Perfect, really. And they have down backs and down wrapped seat cushions, which means they are comfortable, too. I know what you’re saying – why are they on sale? Well, for much the same reason as our pillows are on sale. We just have too many of this frame on the floor, and four more are arriving soon. What this tells you is that this is one of our favorite frames – one of our go-to frames, actually. Now here’s the exciting part – regular price these chairs would be $1790 EACH, and the ottoman would be an additional $699. So, get ready – the sale price is $1999 – for all three pieces. All three. Wow.

Here are the pics :







One more thing, this is NOT our deal of the week. It’s coming tomorrow! stay tuned….

And be sure and watch for the deal of the week tomorrow!!

Deal of the Week! SOLD!

Sorry, its sold already!

We all know how it starts. We go through this every time, and as much as I hate rules, They are necessary. So here they are:

2. No holds. none. we just can’t.

3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.


For the first time in Deal of the Week history – an antique rug. We have a little antique rug problem – we are completely aware of this addiction. So, it’s catching up to us. We are expecting a new round of rugs to arrive in the next couple of weeks and we decided one had to go. And here it is –  6′ x 8’10″, so not a tiny rug. Its soft pinks and a touch of light umber browns. Faded, flat and worn……in other words, perfect.




original price – $1490    sale price – $350 (wow!)

is that 80-ish% off?!? You better get on the phone now!

A Field Trip to High Point

Do you know about High Point? If you do, just bear with me. The High Point Market is a bi-annual event during which the world descends on High Point, North Carolina to take a gander at what the furnishings world is putting out there. It’s a great place for furniture stores like us to see new products from our vendors, find new vendors, and see the newest trends in the home furnishings world. Sounds like fun, huh? It’s definitely exhausting, overwhelming, at times monotonous, but it can be very educational…plus, we get to hob nob with some great friends.

When trying to come up with a post, we kinda thought you might like to see a glimpse at what we see when we head east to North Carolina. So, here goes.

First, a few showroom shots. Often the companies go all out and do some great styling to grab your attention and set a great stage on which to feature their stuff.

Here are a few shots taken at Cisco Brothers. They always come up with great ideas – inspiring really. Not to mention the fact that their furniture is out-of-this-world cool.



It was here at Cisco that we some great examples of the increasing popularity of mid-century inspired furniture. The original greats are still out there – Eames, Wegner, Saarinen, etc. Companies are using the mid-century aesthetics of graceful, simple lines and functionality and producing their own designs. With great success, we think. How do you feel about it? Is this the kind of thing you want to see more of?


Here’s a great pair of mid-century inspired sofas playing nicely with some classic Eames wire chairs.


Believe it or not, not everything at High Point is new. There’s also some old stuff – our favorite kind of stuff – to be found. Patty P. took some took some great shots of piles and collections of stuff…and you know how we love a collection.






Why is it that when you present common objects en masse they become beautiful? Art, really. Insert sigh.

Now, the next obvious question is – what did we find, and what’s coming to the store? Well, this time, a lot. Antique rugs, one-of-a-kind cool furniture and accessories, some cool upholstery, maybe a few more kantha quilts….. lots of stuff. But don’t rush right in to see these things. They have to be packed up and driven here from North Carolina in a big ol’ truck. But I will say this: you guys will be the first to know when that truck pulls up!

Oh, and here’s a peek at the piles.





Exciting, isn’t it?

And now we have to wait.

Stay tuned….









Deal of the Week! SOLD!!!

Wow! sold already!! sorry.

Okay, things are a little different this time. Almost a week ago 360 West featured our deal of the week in it’s newest issue (here’s a link), and so apparently we have a slightly larger audience. And you know what that means – rules. We have to get the rules out of the way for all the newcomers. So here goes -

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 , if you were wondering)

2. No holds. none. we just can’t.

3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.

And the deal of the week is :





This little bench is painted a light turquoise/robins egg/seaglass sort of a color. It has a lightly distressed finish, a little chippy on the edges. We love the height of the back – it sets it apart from the average bench. This not a vintage piece, but it is a very well done reproduction that can fool anyone. All that being said, we are, quite frankly, sick to death of it. We want it out of here. Take it. now.

Dimensions, you ask?  37″ high, 47″ wide, 18″deep. I forgot that part last time.

original price – $699  sale price – 250


Check us out!

We are all excited today. 360 West got wind of our “Deal of the Week” thing and thought it deserved a little attention. So here it is – check out this shout-out in the “In the Stores” section right here. A great big thank you to 360 West and their ace reporter Babs Rodriguez for the lovely little write-up. We love it!

Screenshot 2014-03-31 10.52.42


P.S. – For our current deal of the week fans…. the competition has just been ramped up. See you on Friday! And for the rest of you – subscribe to our blog with your email address in the sidebar.

Deal of the Week – SOLD!!!

I know!! Im late. It’s the computer’s fault, or the networks fault, or something like that.

So here goes, the rules first – i know we all know them, but….well, one of the rules is – post the rules.

1. First THREE paying customers get it. You heard it right THREE people – by phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 , if you were wondering)

2. No holds. none. we just can’t.

3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.


Okay, this week we are going with a rug! THREE rugs actually -3 people can get the deal this week. And another new thing to throw at you – the winners get their pick of our kilims. We have several – each a little different.


These vintage kilims are made of wool – heavy and durable. But here’s the unconventional thing about them. We recently decided they were a little stiff  and our first thought was to break all the rules and have the wool rugs washed – hot water washed. Yikes. It could have ended badly, but instead they came back softer and just a little faded. Anyway, what we are left with and offering as a deal of the week is essentially a washable wool rug – once its been washed you can have it washed too! i defy you to find another washable wool kilim.

original price – $399    sale price – $49


Give us a call! Operators are standing by.


SOLD!!! Deal of the Week!

Okay, here we go again. Do we all know the drill yet? Well, just in case, here goes :

1. First paying customer gets it – by phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 , if you were wondering)

2. No holds. none. we just can’t.

3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.

and now, drumroll please….


This lovely  swivel chair opened the new store with us. You might think it would make us sentimental. Nope. No way. We loved it….. at one time, but it’s time for it to go out into the world and find it’s forever home. We are dang tired of it.

This little beauty is a swivel chair – which is great for those of us that don’t like to sit still when we sit. Swiveling chairs are great for having a conversation with someone while, say, watching television – You can just spin around. cool, huh?

It has a lovely graceful arm and profile. It is a slim frame due to it’s thin arm, but it sits surprisingly deep, so it can suit someone that is taller. It has a down seat and back. So overall, it’s a remarkably comfortable chair.

As for style, we would say it is a little bit on the formal side due to its grace, and its fabric – which is a polished cotton. It is upholstered in a very neutral color. I wouldn’t call it cream, it’s a little darker than cream – lets call it a dark cream. Kinda like a latte… with a whole lotta cream. So light latte, got it?

Need some specs?  width – 28″, depth – 37″, height – 33″

Original price – $1958    Sale price - $350 

Well there it is. Now please, come get this thing!


Just In – New Industrial Greatness

Sometimes, in this business–this design/decor/furniture/retail business–you come across something really special. I mean, you see a lot of great things, but sometimes, if you’re really lucky, you come across something remarkably special – I’m talkin’ over the top cool.

We came across these guys a while back. In fact, we’ve already done a blog post on them here, so I won’t go into that. No, this post is starring their work – their amazing tables. We just unloaded them and put them out on the floor and then proceeded to tear the showroom apart to put together a proper photo shoot – we were that delighted. So here they are in all their glory.

If you are looking for a dining table, side table or coffee table, you should really come by and take a look (and if I were you, I would hightail it up here because they sell pretty darn fast). They are one-of-a-kind pieces of art and can add a whole new dimension and texture to your home. Plus, they are wicked cool.











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