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Deal of the Week….finally SOLD!

Sorry, it’s sold.


We are feeling very guilty. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us. So to make amends we are going to do something unprecedented – a pair of chairs. A pair! Washable slipcoered chairs, no less!

Now, why are we so willing to ditch a pair of chairs? I mean, besides the fact that we are trying to repent. Well, our store is busting at the seams – there’s stuff that hasn’t even seen the light of day. So this is going to make some room. And, to be frank, these chairs are, well, a little boring. The frame isn’t the problem – The frame is great, a classic. It’s actually one of our best sellers. The issue is the fabric. It’s really boring fabric. Durable, washable cotton. But it’s tan. Just tan. Like khaki pants. Boring.

And one more thing, we aren’t delivering these. You gotta come get em’, and the sooner the better.

Dimensions – 31″ wide, 41″ deep, 38″ high







original price $1440 each, so $2880 for the pair    sale price – $999. For the pair!!!!

Call now! These will sell in seconds! 817-332-1772

The rules :

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772. Call. It’s best to call.)
2. No holds. None. We just can’t.
3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.


Deal of the Week – SOLD!

Sorry, it sold! 1 minute, 3 seconds.

Rules :

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772. Call. It’s best to call.)
2. No holds. None. We just can’t.
3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.

Well this week we have what we will generously call a screw-up. A two part screw up, in fact.

Part 1 was the fault of a manufacturer. You see we ordered, from them, a really handsome looking tufted leather ottoman. It sits on an iron frame. We were very excited to see it in the store…….until it arrived. It seems when we asked for a brown leather they thought we meant an ottoman the color of a jack-o-lantern. Not so much.

Part 2 was our very well intentioned attempt to correct the halloween-ness of said ottoman. In the past, we have had great luck in taking a sander to leather and wearing it back to a pretty Ralph Laurenesque aged leather – think 50 year old lawyers briefcase, 100 year old english club chair in a stately home. This attempt, well, it did not go well. So instead of Ralph-chic we have something else.

We are so embarrassed by this whole thing that we just want it to go away. So, our mistake is your gain!  We couldn’t resist the cliche.

So we offer up this tufted leather ottoman that would look good in any number of spots: garage, treehouse, maybe your mother in laws’ living quarters.  This is a great looking ottoman, i mean, if you overlook the color. At 18″ tall, 31″square it would make a fantastic coffee table. And the thing is, this is fixable. This thing could be revived. It is NOT a lost cause. Quite the contrary. We just don’t want to be the ones to do it. We are done. We are ready to walk away. So, buy it already!





original price – $599    sale price – $100


Deal of the Week! SOLD!!

Sorry. It sold already.

Wow. Our showroom is packed. And we have more furniture coming next week….and the next. Plus we have all kinds of new knick-knacky do-dads coming in too. Not to mention the antique rugs. Can you tell that we are feeling a little overwhelmed?

So, in an effort to clean house we are dumping a sofa. A good sofa.

This is a beautiful tall backed upholstered sofa. Elegant lines, grey fabric. I guess you could say it’s a more formal-ish looking sofa. Top of the line cushions, in fact, our favorite kind – they are down-wrapped springs, which means they keep their shape but are still comfy. The fabric is a cotton linen blend and is very durable.

Oh, one more thing. On the back of the sofa, at the top, on the welt….there is a little smudge. It’s a grey smudge, so it kinda blends in. Jonny says its the size of the end of a pencil eraser, which is pretty accurate. Not super noticeable if you float the sofa in the middle of a room, and if it’s going against a wall….well, then it really doesn’t matter at all.

Dimensions – 93″ long, 41″ deep, 41″ high





original price – $3590   sale price – $900!!!!

And hey, there are rules. Here they are :

The rules! :

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772. Call. It’s best to call.)
2. No holds. None. We just can’t.
3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.

Deal of the Week – SOLD!

Sorry, it’s sold.

I could make excuses, lots of them, for why there has been no Deal of the Week. I could spend this whole post listing them, but luckily for you we feel so guilty about depriving everyone of the Deal that i am going to get right to it.

This is a result of our overzealous love for white furniture. We have no less then 78 pieces of white furniture. Not really. Anyway more rolled in yesterday, so something’s gotta give, and it’s this chair.

An English-arm chair slipcovered in a white-ish/ivory-ish washable cotton. A nice squishy throw pillow sits on its tight back. It’s perfect. I can’t say anymore.

dimensions – 37″ high, 42″ deep, 34″ high








original price – $1790   sale price – $600

Deal of the Week – SOLD!!


Sorry – it’s sold.

Sometimes, when buying things, we get a little enthusiastic. For instance, when most people see a perfectly aged over-dyed blue rug they buy maybe one of them. I mean, how many blue rugs do you need? Well, our enthusiasm got the best of us….again.  We are suckers for that faded french grayish blue with charcoal brown contrasts. And so now we sit here amongst thousands of blue rugs. not really, but we do seem to have too many. One too many to be exact, which brings us to the Deal of the Week. Once again you are benefitting from our overzealous buying. and we leave sunday for a rug buying trip to probably purchase even more vintage blue rugs.

We are offering up a smallish blue wool rug – 3’10″x7’2″. It’s what’s called an over-dyed rug, which means, someone who knows what they’re doing, took a possibly dull unpleasant looking rug and saturated it with dye – they dye the ugly right out of it, and you are left with something rather cool. This rug is dyed a pretty french blue and the ghost of the original pattern remains. Its really a great looking blue rug, as great looking as the other 352 blue rugs we have.* It’s a good one.






original price – $599   sale price – $200



Deal of the Week – SOLD!

Sorry, it’s sold.

It’s deal of the week time! AND it’s 5 days until Christmas. So to celebrate this Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve we decided to offer up something really great.

Now, we don’t often have a sofa as a deal of the week. This is highly unusual. If we do, it’s often something we are bored with or that might have a bit of a blemish, but not this time. This is a great sofa.

This sofa is called the “Fluffy Duffy”. Please don’t ask why, I really don’t know – the fluffy part is obvious, because this is a super soft squishy sink-into-it kind of a sofa. But as for the Duffy part – no clue.

Now for the details – it’s slipcovered in an amazing soft neutral linen. Not the washable kind of linen, but definitely the dry-cleanable kind. I’ve already touched on the fluffiness, which is due to a down alternative fill in the attached bench seat – it’s pretty amazing. The kind of amazing that once you’ve sat down you really don’t want to get back up. A bench style seat means just one cushion, one long cushion – this one being built into the sofa itself – so no cushion flipping! It has two long back cushions and two throw pillows. It’s good.

Dimensions – 85” W, 40”D, 38”H



photo 3



original price – $3340  sale price – $850!!!!

Call NOW!!!



News about Deal of the Week

Well, we kinda messed up today. Or more accurately, we completely failed at the whole Deal of the Week thing.

But fear not, tomorrow we will be posting the Deal. Most likely soon after opening.

We apologize to those of you who sat refreshing your browser and checking and rechecking your email. We promise to make it up to you with a GREAT deal tomorrow!


Deal of the Week – SOLD!!

Sorry, it sold already.

It’s deal of the week time!!

This week we have something a little different. In casual conversation we call it the Eiffel Tower shelf. It’s an all metal shelf, some might call it an etagere, maybe a curio shelf….we’re really not clear on the technical term. We use it behind a sofa in the store, but it would be great against a wall in a little nook, the end of a hallway,  in the kitchen, maybe even a bathroom. It’s a versatile little piece that you can just rotate all over your home.

So why is it being ousted? Honestly, we don’t know. It was the tall guy who stood out when it came time to choose.  There was really no reason. I know that’s not an interesting answer, but there it is. Its heavy and solid.

Dimensions : 80″ tall, 40″ wide

photo 1


photo 2

original price – $1299   sale price – $350

Remember, calling the store is the best way to get this deal, and call pretty quick –


Deal of the Week

This week we have a deal to make up from the deal last time, which incidentally, we still have. This time it’s something really good, really useful. You are gonna like this one.

It’s a french lingerie chest – If you don’t know what that is, it’s a tall skinny dresser. It has a pretty chippy white finish with a little grey peeking through. It has 4 drawers with nice looking hardware. You could use it as intended, or for just about anything.

Why are we getting rid of this? Well, a while back one of the legs broke off due to a funny and painful accident – long story short, Callan (former warehouse guy that we miss terribly) and this dresser got into a little bit of a fight. And despite the fact that the dresser lost one of it’s back legs, it was definitely the victor. Callan now suffers from a severe phobia of dressers with no hope of recovery. As for the structural integrity of the dresser – it survived and was rehabilitated. We reattached the leg with great success and this thing should stand tall for a long time. And the repair is so well done (thanks to Jonny) that you can’t even see it – and since it’s a back leg it would be pretty discreet if you could. And it promises not to attack anyone else. Good as new. We promise.

dimensions – 48″high, 24″wide, 20″deep



original price – $1290   sale price – $350!!!


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