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Deal of the Week – SOLD

Sorry, it’s sold.

Happy Friday everyone! It’s Deal of the Week time.

Today is a  great day, for you anyway. You see, we had a “designer” who ordered a sofa, an expensive sofa… then the client freaked out and and decided that the best course of action was to dump it back into our laps. Well, we unfortunately took pity on her, and took it back. And now, we are sitting here looking at this thing and we really don’t so much want it. It makes us nervous. Really $7000? Therefore, we want to dump it in your lap! Please take it away. We want to forget this ever happened.

Now for the details. The frame is great – it’s a classic tuxedo style sofa with a bit of tufting – cut and sewn style, if you want the technical term. The seat is a down-filled bench cushion – which means one long seat cushion. I personally love a bench cushion. Typical of our sofas and chairs – it has a hardwood frame, 8-way hand tied springs, and it was made right here in the USA.  A masterpiece by journeymen upholsterers. But here’s the really great thing about it – it’s leather! A soft butter-y smooth leather – which… is the not so  great thing about it. I mean, unless you have no dogs, no cats, no children, no keys sticking out of your pocket or any from of rough-housing and chaos in the room. No horse play on this sofa – It’s kind of a diva. Because, well, it can scratch…pretty easy. And one more thing – the color… it’s called Pistachio….it’s not really green…it’s more of a toffee color, with a touch of a subtle green undertone. So in certain light, say fluorescent, you might draw out the green in a way that is not pretty. But, at this price, I think you could learn to love it.

dimensions – 84″wide, 34″deep, 33″high




original price – $7290 (I know.)   sale price – $1500! (I know!)

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