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Christmas Deal!

Today’s deal is pretty dang great. Just go ahead and call now.

Today we are selling a marble top pedestal dining table. The one and a quarter inch thick slab of solid white carrara marble sits on top of a pretty turned base, that is whitewashed and lightly distressed. It’s beautiful.

We love this table. There’s really nothing bad about it as far as style goes. It’s classic, well made, unbelievably heavy – not like something from You-Know-What Barn or You-Know-Wh0 Hardware. But….there’s this one thing. The only slight problem is a scratch on the top…a 2 1/2″ scratch. It’s not particularly pretty, but for the price, it can be overlooked. In a way, it’s a good thing. I mean, whenever you get something new and white, like a white slipcover or a big slab of perfect marble, you spend a few weeks fretting over it and worrying about when it will gets its first stain or ding. Well, we have taken care of that worry – it’s a weight off your shoulders. The damage is done. We should charge more just for the peace of mind. It’s like a gift with a purchase. You’re welcome.

Now, this thing is heavy. Really heavy. Our rule is no delivery…and that hasn’t changed, so either bring your biggest friends and a truck, or we can call and arrange delivery with a third party mover at your expense – we are guessing $120-ish, and most likely after the holidays…

Dimensions – 48″ wide, 30 1/2″ high


and here’s the scratch:img_5180


original price –  $2490  sale price – $600!!

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 . Call. It’s best to call. Really.)
2. No holds. None. We just can’t.
3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.

And, we want it out of here as soon as possible. Come get it. Please.

Did I mention, it’s best to call??

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  1. Nichol Vogel #

    I know this is wishful thinking, but I did not see this item marked as sold. Any chance it’s still hanging around?

    July 17, 2017
    • Unfortunately, it sold that same day. I think this is a table we can reorder, but it wouldn’t be for the same scratch-and-dent price:(

      July 18, 2017

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