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Deal of the Week

I know, we need to call it the Deal of the Month, or the Deal of the 2 Months, but that’s just not catchy.

Today we are trying to squeeze more furniture into the showroom than the fire marshall will allow, so we need to dump something. We picked the biggest, deepest chair in the store. And really one of the most comfortable – and that’s saying a lot, because you probably know how many comfy chairs we have. It’s slipcovered in a washable fabric. Its large scale, and down wrapped cushion and giant down pillow  make this a curl-up-and-read-a-long-book kind of chair.

About the scale – This chair is a monster – its 36″ wide, and 44″deep. Please make note of the size before you buy this for your 600sf  New York loft apartment. It will fill a space. It’s big. Really. I mean it.

Now let’s discuss the fabric – first, let me say we plopped this chair in the showroom in the spring when we were thinking of summer homes and beach trips. This chair with this fabric belongs in the Hamptons. It’s got the whole coastal Maine/Martha’s Vineyard/ Kennedy Compound kinda vibe. And I really feel like i need to say – it is a dark navy stripe – just in case your monitor or screen reads black. This fabric is New England island, not Riker’s Island. Got it? And I say this all the time when we sell a slipcovered chair – with the deal you are getting, you can order a new cover and still come out ahead.



original price – $1990   sale price – $600

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 . Call. It’s best to call. Really.)
2. No holds. None. We just can’t.
3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.

And, we want it out of here as soon as possible. Come get it. Please.

Did I mention, it’s best to call??


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  1. Patty, GREAT post as usual, always a delight & surprise / wish we needed an arm chair since that one is the Perfect chair & the Perfect price / yes we sold ours many years ago to who know who / & regret it still.
    just wanted to say I hear your voice in my head when I am doing emails ( not this one ) because you have such a terrific delivery
    I was thinking of sending you some pics of Craigs drawings that he could do for you guys to sell, let me know what you think
    Philip & Craig

    September 8, 2016

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