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Blue Sale

Sorry, it’s all sold.

I sat down to write a Deal of the Week. As per usual, we started looking around to find the perfect imperfect thing in the showroom. We all have opinions when it comes to dumping something – and this morning was no exception. But sort of an interesting phenomena occured – everything that was suggested was blue. So, we discussed it and even analyzed it (I know. Surprise. We overthought things.) Anyway, we decided the furniture gods were trying to tell us something…I know it’s not a true miracle.  You have to admit, it’s  a sign. And we do what signs say, so we decided to put all 5 things on the sale. And so, the Deal of the Week became a Blue Sale.

Blue thing 1 – A sofa. And a really cool sofa, at that. I really don’t understand why this made the cut. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s sort of a modern small scale hipster sofa – It’s upholstered in a navy linen. It’s sits on pretty tapered wood legs. Down wrapped cushions. Hand tied springs. A small scale for a small space. 84w,27 1/2h, 34d.

original price – $3390   sale price – $1200 ***SOLD***



Blue thing 2 – blue bench. Here’s another perfectly good thing. No scratches or dents. It’s good design. Simple. Clean. I honestly don’t know why this is getting dealed…or dealt…It’s charming. It has kind of a New England Windsor chair kind of feel. 53w,20d,35 1/2h

original price – $699   sale price – $300 ***SOLD***


Blue thing 3 – A pair of chairs. They are tight-back, tight-seat fireside chairs. These chairs have a lot of nice details… and one bad one. They are actually upholstered in two fabrics navy linen and a sort of warm ecru linen – it’s not a stripe, which is pretty cool. It has turned legs, exposed arms and a comfy pitch blah, blah, b. And now for the bad news, one was the victim of a tiny roof leak….I’ll include a pic of the drip, which is right on the top edge. It’s pretty faint, but theres no hiding it – but we have some nice throws that could do the trick. 29w, 36d, 34h

original price – $1890 each   sale price – $500/each   *only sold as pair ***SOLD***



Blue thing 4 – Another sofa. Okay, I love this sofa. It’s a tuxedo sofa – I just think they’re so cool. this one is upholstered in blue linen, not full on navy, it’s lighter than that. It’s tufting is cut and sewn – that’s a thing I’m not going to explain, but it’s a good thing. It has exposed legs that it’s not the least bit ashamed of. And it has a bench cushion that is down wrapped. All good. Except….it has a rubbed spot on the lower inside back – which is something linen does sometimes – it’s a flaw, yes, but at the price you should learn to live with it. Throw pillows will cover this. 84w, 34d, 33h

original price – $3890   sale price – $900 ***SOLD***



Blue thing 5 – A dresser. Ok, i know what you’re thinking. That dresser is not blue. I mean, it’s light blue greyish blue. It’s blue. Don’t rob us of our theme! Anyway, this blue dresser has great architecture. A pretty painted finish that’s blue. And it’s got drawers and stuff. And it’s grey.  42h, 42w, 20d

original price – $1990   sale price – $600  ***SOLD***




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  1. Phyllis Little #

    Love your style!! Fun to read and great to see the products you like to ‘sale’!

    February 28, 2017
    • Thank! We have a lot of fun with our sales. I’m glad you do too:)

      February 28, 2017
  2. Becky Hubbard #

    I’m interested in the 900$ sofa. What’s the protocol for buying? Becky Hubbard’s

    Sent from my iPhone


    February 28, 2017
    • Call the store. 817-332-1772. I’m not there so I don’t know if it’s still available. Always call as soon as you can!

      February 28, 2017

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