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An easy (and inexpensive) way to spice up a drab room is with some fun new pillows! Take a look at some of these lovely neutral custom pillows that were designed by our resident pillow designer. Here at Simple Things we think neutrals look great anytime of year!

We have tons of other custom pillows available as well as this new line of pillows we just started carrying:

French Springs 14″x24″ pillow with down insert, $189

Kaze French Gray 24″x24″ pillow with down insert, $259

French Quarter 24″x24″ pillow with down insert, $399

Papillon II 24″x24″ pillow with down insert, $269

Rosette 18″x24″ pillow with down insert, $299

We can also help design custom pillows that will enhance your room and be perfectly suited for your furniture.  We are great at determining the correct sized pillows for furniture  so that your pillows don’t end up on the floor, but fit perfectly into your chair or sofa to give support when needed and act as decoration the rest of the time. Call today to set up a custom pillow consultation!

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