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winter decorating diy

It was very chilly when we arrived at the warehouse this morning, so it got us to thinking about holiday decorating. We stumbled across this fun DIY decorating idea and while it may not be quite cold enough for this little project yet, it will be before you know it! So, here is our wintery treat for you (that we totally stole from design sponge).

Winter Ice Lanterns:

You need two buckets, one smaller than the other.

Some greens, I love to use olive branches.

Fill the biggest bucket half full with water.

Place the smaller bucket inside it and place some rocks or something heavy to keep in place.

Add more water, the water level should be to the top.

Add your branches to the sides of the bucket.

Use some tape to keep the small bucket in the middle of the big one.

Now set the whole thing outside to freeze.

Once its frozen, remove the small bucket first and then the large one.

You now have a beautiful ice lantern.

Place a votive candle inside and voila, the party can start.

(Both the image and directions are courtesy of design sponge)

new fabrics from Lee Industries

Lee Industries just brought out some new fabrics for Fall. See some of our favorite pairings below and you can look at the complete new collection here.

Some pretty neutrals mixed with grey:

Botswana Grey (grade “G” and machine washable fabric)

Luna Smoke (grade “P” and machine washable fabric)

Oxford Pepper (dry clean only)

Lee chair in Luna Smoke

A bright and funky combo:

Cortez Gold (grade “U”)

Paris Summer (grade “N”)

Dylan Horizon (grade “G”)

Lee chairs in Paris Summer

Lee chair in Cortez Gold

Chartreuse and blue:

Milly Cactus (grade “Z”)

Mimi Cactus (grade “Z”)

Tote Capri (grade “Q”)

Lee barstool in Milly Cactus and Mimi Cactus

Lee loveseat in Milly Cactus

A warm feminine palette:

Rosa Spring (grade “N”)

Mimi Pink (grade “Z”)

Reed Flax (grade “H)

Lee chair in Rosa Spring

A fresh take on olive:

Tory Olive (grade “G” machine washable fabric)

Maria Charcoal (grade “S”)

Summit Ivory Leather (grade “4”)

Lee chair in Maria Charcoal

Lee chair in Tory Olive


An easy (and inexpensive) way to spice up a drab room is with some fun new pillows! Take a look at some of these lovely neutral custom pillows that were designed by our resident pillow designer. Here at Simple Things we think neutrals look great anytime of year!

We have tons of other custom pillows available as well as this new line of pillows we just started carrying:

French Springs 14″x24″ pillow with down insert, $189

Kaze French Gray 24″x24″ pillow with down insert, $259

French Quarter 24″x24″ pillow with down insert, $399

Papillon II 24″x24″ pillow with down insert, $269

Rosette 18″x24″ pillow with down insert, $299

We can also help design custom pillows that will enhance your room and be perfectly suited for your furniture.  We are great at determining the correct sized pillows for furniture  so that your pillows don’t end up on the floor, but fit perfectly into your chair or sofa to give support when needed and act as decoration the rest of the time. Call today to set up a custom pillow consultation!

new and notable from french market collection

We want to feature some gorgeous items from French Market Collection, each piece is hand carved and hand finished using the highest quality materials.

Grey Chest (48″W x 22.5″D x 50″H), $1939

Monteleone Chest (35″W x 18″D x 33″H), $1355

Roosevelt three drawer chest in cream (23″W x 18″D x 31″H), $829

Roosevelt two drawer chest in Blue (35″W x 17″D x 31″H), $1,045 (two in stock at Simple Things!!)

Julia Table (brown with green, 29″H x 30″W x 19″D), $599

Mirror side table (15″W x 20″D x 27″H), $683

Roosevelt Bed, available in King ($4,200), Queen ($3,150), and Twin ($2,298). The Roosevelt is also offered as a Headboard in King ($1,995), Queen ($1,859), and Twin ($1,260) sizes.

Alexandria Cane Bed, available in King ($4,200), Queen ($3,150), and Twin ($2,298). The Roosevelt is also offered as a Headboard in King ($1,995), Queen ($1,859), and Twin ($1,260) sizes. Available in grey, cream, and brown.

Alexandria Bed in grey:

Alexandria Bed in cream:

Alexandria Bed in brown:

Charbonnet Bed, available in King ($2,488), Queen ($2,068), and Twin ($1,733) sizes.

Orsini Handspun Aubusson pillows in blue (pictured below), green, and brown (pictured below) (20″ x 20″), $578 each

All photos courtesy of

custom rugs

We are now offering a line of rugs that you can custom order in any size! We are so excited about this new line. We currently have swatches available for you to look at and check out. The rugs are hand woven, 100% wool, and $19/square foot!

artwork sale

In an effort to clear out our warehouse we have a few pieces of artwork on sale!

50 Star American Flag (63″W x 37″H), regular price $1199, sale price $999

Telescopic View of the Full Moon (46W “x56H”), regular price $999, sale price $699 (SOLD)

Otello Opera Poster (27″W x 39″H), regular price $699, sale price $499

Photos courtesy of

new from visual comfort

Here are some new chandeliers and pendants from one of our favorite lighting companies.

(All photos courtesy of

Oslo Chandelier in Antique Silver Leaf with Crystal (33″H, 33″W, 5.5″Round canopy), $1056

Penhurst Chandelier in Polished Nickel with Crystal (37.75″H, 25.75″W, 5.5″ Round canopy), $1650

Princess Mari Ann Crystal Chandelier in Antique Gilded Wood with Crystal (47″H, 36″W, 5″ Round canopy), $3850

Small Savannah Chandelier in Sheffield Silver (24″H, 16.25″W, 5″ Round canopy), $1320

The Southport Linear Pendant in Stainless Steel (55.5″H, 38.5″W, 19″ Extension, 5.25″ Square canopy), $2640

The Grosvenor Large Single Pendant in Antique Burnished Brass with Linen Shade (20.75″H, 24″W, 6″ Round canopy), $1099

The Callie Hanging Pendant in Antique Silver Leaf (35.25″H, 11.5″W, 5.25″ Round canopy), $440

Agostino Pendant in Aged Iron (31″H, 18″W, 5.25″ Round canopy), $440