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The Perfect Chair.

One of our most important jobs here at Simple Things is helping to match people to chairs. We do it everyday. We understand this stuff. We live it, breathe it. After 17 years of helping people find the right chair frame, fabric and cushions, we know a good chair when we see one. Plain and simple.

We LOVE a good chair. A good chair can make a a room better. It can comfort you. It is a refuge. It can make a long day shorter. This is important stuff we’re talking about. However, finding a good chair is one of those tasks in life that can seem downright daunting. But that’s not what we are talking about today. No, we are talking about finding the perfect chair, the best chair. Yikes, scary, huh? Well, it’s easier than you might imagine.

When you step into our store and you tell us that you are looking for a comfortable chair – and who isn’t? – this is our first stop, and pretty frequently it’s the last stop.

Enter Lee Industries.

Lee Industries nailed this technology decades ago. This is one of their chairs. It is a frame that our showroom is never without. This is a great chair. Some might say perfect.


Why so great? Well, glad you asked – though you might not be, because now you have to sit through some bullet points.

1. It has classic good looks. George Clooney handsome. Never out of style AND it plays well with other furniture styles. Beat that.

2. The back pitch is perfect – for reading, napping, tv watching, or staring into the abyss.

3. Inside width can accommodate anyone – a child, a big dog, a pizza box. Or more practically – a full size person curled up to read the paper.

4. It can be slipcovered, but it also looks great upholstered. Our favorite? We like a short slipcover. It’s the best of both worlds – not too shabby, still has its classic lines exposed, and it’s easily cleanable.

5. Drop dead comfortable, but still supportive. This is the go-to chair for coffee, wine, tears, and hour-long texts.

6. American made – we love that.

Hand tied springs. Oak frame. And pretty darn sophisticated cushioning. All this made by the brilliant Lee Industries. They got this down.

Trust us. Get a pair and call it a day.


Vendor Spotlight: Lee Industries

The most recent issue of Veranda magazine featured the Nashville, TN home of famed architect and designer Bobby McAlpine, which includes some beautiful pieces from our vendor, Lee Industries. Click here to see more from the spread on Lee Industries’s Facebook page.

Right At Home

We love to see one of our pieces residing happily in a client’s home. Especially when it’s in a space as cheery as this nursery, recently featured on Apartment Therapy. Angie ordered a Lee swivel glider in grey ticking from us to compliment the fun ceiling stripes in their little one’s new space. And if that crib looks familiar, it might be because we also carry that piece from Corsican.

SALE items!

We have a beautiful Lee leather sofa and two Lee leather chairs on sale this week!

First we have the L1935-03 Sofa upholstered in Vegas Whiskey leather. (81″W x 35″D x 34″H)

This sofa has down wrapped seat cushions and down filled back cushions. There is also small nailhead around the base of the sofa frame as well as the arms, as pictured below. The regular price of this sofa is $3984 and the sale price is $1999! SOLD

Vegas Whiskey leather (grade 1)

Then we have a pair of L1070-01 chairs upholstered in Tuscon Peanut leather.

These chairs have a standard fill, poly foam seat. The regular price is $2617 each and the sale price is $999 each! SOLD

Tuscon Peanut leather (grade 4)

on sale

Calling all bargain hunters: These precious chairs are on sale!  They are made by Lee Industries, style #1935-01

  • they are upholstered in a pretty, yet durable tan chenille like fabric and have contrasting bright yellow leather piping to add a unique touch.
  • Regular price $1268 each, Sale price $ 999 each!!
  • 30″W x 32″D x 34″H
  • Down blend back cushion, down wrapped seat cushion
  • nailhead around the arms and base of the chairs

Lee Industries holiday orders

Need a new sofa or chair to brighten up your home in time for Holiday company? Well then hurry on down and get your order in!

  • Order by November 12th for your  goodies to arrive in time for Santa!