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Deal of the Week-SOLD!!!

Sorry, it sold already.

Yes, I know it’s been a while. But we hope to make up for it with a three-day Deal of the Week Extravaganza. Meaning we might have more coming this week. Or not.

So, of course there is a long story that we are going to spare you. The short version – Customer buys sofa. Customer goes bonkers. Blah, blah, blah – and we have a sofa.
This sofa needs to go. Their loss, your gain.

We might call this a settee-ish small sofa. Not too deep, not too long. Great for a small space. Or bedroom. Or office. Or apartment.

Bench cushion, down filled, and slip covered in a sublime warm grey linen.

dimensions – 78″W, 34″D, 32″H



original price – $2890   SALE PRICE – $800

Here are the rules :

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 . Call. It’s best to call. Really.)
2. No holds. None. We just can’t.
3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. Ever.

Did I mention, it’s best to call??

A Brief Encounter with Perfection

Stuff rolls through our dock doors every day, really cool stuff. We all stand and ogle it and wish it was ours, and I guess, for a short time at least, it is – until one of you comes in and gives it a home. But this sofa, it was a custom order – which means it comes and goes without giving us time to enjoy it. It caused quite a stir when it rolled into the warehouse.

This is not one you see very often – a leather upholstered chesterfield, in the most amazing leather you’ve ever seen. It’s a Cisco Brothers sofa – they call it Edith (if you want to see the tye-dye version of Edith, take a gander at this previous post – we loved this one too.) It’s a remarkable piece of furniture on its own, but man, when you slap some leather on it, it becomes a work of art. It’s a classic. It’s perfect. It’s Brideshead Revisited meets Downton Abbey meets… well, something else really cool.

We hardly had time to unwrap it before they were coming to pick it up. In fact, these pictures were taken right on our front porch while a team of delivery guys stood behind me, fingers tapping, waiting to put it in their truck. We watched it go with heavy hearts.

Now, don’t worry, this little story has a happy ending. We loved this sofa so much that we may have ordered one just like it for our showroom – one we will get to have for a spell. We have to wait for it though. It will be a while before it appears at our back door – this level of perfection takes time.





New Season – New Fabrics

Every few months we take on the task of ordering a new crop of furniture for the store. It involves us all gathering around the long table by the fabric racks – you know, the 13′ foot table that looks like the dining table in the servants hall at Downton Abbey.


We start out putting the catalogs out to see our frame choices, we start pulling fabrics and tossing them in a pile. We want a mix of frames – different arms, traditional and modern, formal and casual. We need a selection of fabrics – solids, neutrals, and prints, in linen, cotton, velvet, blends. We toss in a leather or two. we try to get a mix of slipcovers and tight upholstery. It doesn’t end there either. we have to decide about the stain color of any exposed wood. Do we want piping or no piping? How about topstitching – what color? what size thread? We choose nailhead for a few pieces – and there are choices there too – we have to choose color and size. 




It sounds like fun, right? …..It’s not. Let’s just say we have a lot of personalities that work here, each with their own opinion…..about everything. It can be a volatile combo. it can get ugly. If you come to the table, you come with a tough skin ready to defend your choices. It’s not unlike The Hunger Games.


In the end though, we are left with a nice stack of fabrics and a full order. Then begins the self-congratulations. And finally the worst part – waiting for it to arrive.

Here’s what we finally came up with this time :


Why do we torture ourselves in this way you may ask? Well, as trite as it may sound, it’s for you – when you come into our store, we want you to be able to see examples of all these choices and options. We want you to be able to try out chairs, cushion types, tight backs and down cushions. We want you to see frames with solids, stripes, ikats, etc. We want you to see a rumpled washed slipcover and a tight formal velvet. We want to educate you and help you make choices for your home, your space.


January Sale

We are cleaning house and marking down some items to make room for the new spring collection. Come by and take a look – our sale items go pretty quick. Remember, we are now open on Saturdays!


original price – 2725 each   sale price – 1299 each

We actually have a pair of these little settees. They look great together or on their own where you need a little extra seating – maybe at the end of a bed, a small sitting room or a staircase landing. Upholstered in a swedish blue belgian linen, designed by John Derian for Cisco Brothers.



original price – 2149 each   sale price – 999 each

These chairs are one of a kind, or technically two of a kind since we have a pair. The are upholstered in a faded blue antique wool rug on the seat and front, but the back is woven webbing – so cool!


original price – 1690   sale price – 999

This is a swivel glider slipcovered in a washable pale grey cotton. Super comfy with down backs and a down wrapped seat. A great chair for a living room, sitting room, or nursery.


original price – 2360   sale price – 999

Here’s a tufted back loveseat upholstered in velvet with a tiny print. Great scale for sitting with a sofa or as seating in a bedroom.


original price – 990 each   sale price – 399 each

We have a pair of these french side chairs. They are painted with a creamy distressed finish and have a floral needlepoint cushion.


original price – 599   sale price – 199

This is a black leather gentleman’s chair. Great for a little extra seating in an office or a modern loft.


original price – 3790   sale price – 1699

This is a queen size bed frame – upholstered in a pretty neutral linen with tufting and wood trim painted in a distressed cream. Very french – oui?


Original prices – 299-499   sale price – 99-199

Last but not least – We have a few of our pillows on sale. This is a line of really unique embroidered pillows. Mostly neutral colors with little pops of soft turquoise and robin’s egg blues on a few.

It’s a Sale. And a Pretty Good One.

We are ringing in the new year with a floor sample sale. You, our blog readers, get first dibs AND special pricing! Be sure you mentioned that you saw it on the blog. Come by and take a look before we let the cat out of the bag on Facebook and Instagram.


upholstered, down blend seats and backs, 100% cotton fabric, dull chrome nailhead

original price – 1460    sale price – 899   blog price – 700


upholstered, heavy duty woven cotton, down back,

original price – 1980   sale price – 999   blog price – 700


curved wingback, upholstered. contrast trim and back,

original price – 1632   sale price – 899   blog price – 500


upholstered, swivel chair in a pearl grey 100% cotton, down seat and back

original price – 1958   sale price – 999   blog price – 700


pair of “madmen” chairs, upholstered in grey flannel suit fabric, down blend seats and backs

original price – 1670   sale price – 799   blog price – 600 each


upholstered, soft pink 100% linen, tufted barrel back, swivel chair

original price – 1706   sale price – 799   blog price – 500


1950’s throwback, upholstered, green damask, dark wood legs

original price – 899   sale price – 499   blog price – 300


blue velvet, upholstered, tufted back , dirty pewter nailhead

original price – 2249   sale price – 1099   blog price – 700


swivel glider, off white quilted cotton, box pleat skirt, down back

original price – 1699   sale price – 899   blog price – 600


floral linen english arm, turned legs, down back, down blend seat

original price – 1899   sale price – 999   blog price – 600


green and white floral, down back,

original price – 1649   sale price – 799   blog price – 500


simple classic natural cotton parsons chair

original price – 999   sale price – 499   blog price – 100


zebra print bench, cotton blend fabric, antique pine turned legs

original price – 690   sale price – 399   blog price – 300


velvet tufted bench, dark stained turned legs

original price – 990   sale price – 499   blog price – 350


 zebra bench in a heavy woven wool and silk rug, nailhead, fluted legs

original price – 1299   sale price – 699   blog price – 500

Vintage Comfort

When incredible comfort meets this level of quality and design, it is hard to temper our excitement. This is one of two Acacia chairs by Cisco that we have in stock. Each chair is a unique piece, covered in Vintage Indian quilt blankets, and organically made in America with eight-way handtied construction. Regularly $2388 each, we are currently offering them for $1999 each.


Vendor Spotlight: Lee Industries

The most recent issue of Veranda magazine featured the Nashville, TN home of famed architect and designer Bobby McAlpine, which includes some beautiful pieces from our vendor, Lee Industries. Click here to see more from the spread on Lee Industries’s Facebook page.

Right At Home

We love to see one of our pieces residing happily in a client’s home. Especially when it’s in a space as cheery as this nursery, recently featured on Apartment Therapy. Angie ordered a Lee swivel glider in grey ticking from us to compliment the fun ceiling stripes in their little one’s new space. And if that crib looks familiar, it might be because we also carry that piece from Corsican.

a modern chesterfield

We have a pair of Cisco Brothers Edith Sofas upholstered in Milo Natural (a cream woven, linen blend fabric, similar to the one pictured below), in stock in our warehouse!

  • 90″W x 32.5″H x 41″D
  • on sale for $1699 each!!
  • nailhead trim

Lee chair on SALE!

We have this exact chair in stock and on SALE!  Come by to see it in person.

Lee C3752-01 Swivel Gliding chair SOLD

  • slipcovered in a machine washable mix of fabrics
  • down blend back cushion and down wrapped seat cushion
  • 31″W x 41″D x 38″H
  • regular price $1889, sale price $1499!