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Deal of the Week-SOLD!!!

Sorry, it sold already.

Yes, I know it’s been a while. But we hope to make up for it with a three-day Deal of the Week Extravaganza. Meaning we might have more coming this week. Or not.

So, of course there is a long story that we are going to spare you. The short version – Customer buys sofa. Customer goes bonkers. Blah, blah, blah – and we have a sofa.
This sofa needs to go. Their loss, your gain.

We might call this a settee-ish small sofa. Not too deep, not too long. Great for a small space. Or bedroom. Or office. Or apartment.

Bench cushion, down filled, and slip covered in a sublime warm grey linen.

dimensions – 78″W, 34″D, 32″H



original price – $2890   SALE PRICE – $800

Here are the rules :

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 . Call. It’s best to call. Really.)
2. No holds. None. We just can’t.
3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. Ever.

Did I mention, it’s best to call??

Deal of the Week! SOLD!!!

Wow! sold already!! sorry.

Okay, things are a little different this time. Almost a week ago 360 West featured our deal of the week in it’s newest issue (here’s a link), and so apparently we have a slightly larger audience. And you know what that means – rules. We have to get the rules out of the way for all the newcomers. So here goes –

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 , if you were wondering)

2. No holds. none. we just can’t.

3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.

And the deal of the week is :





This little bench is painted a light turquoise/robins egg/seaglass sort of a color. It has a lightly distressed finish, a little chippy on the edges. We love the height of the back – it sets it apart from the average bench. This not a vintage piece, but it is a very well done reproduction that can fool anyone. All that being said, we are, quite frankly, sick to death of it. We want it out of here. Take it. now.

Dimensions, you ask?  37″ high, 47″ wide, 18″deep. I forgot that part last time.

original price – $699  sale price – 250


Deal of the Week! SOLD!!

Surely you know the rules by now, but just in case, here we go again :

1 – First paying customer gets it. Pay in person or by phone.

2 – No holds – we just can’t…sorry.

3 – No returns. none. it’s yours.

Okay, here it is –

It is really beautiful, lots of nice detailing. Wood trim on the base, upholstered with a perfectly washed out antique rug on the sides and leather on top. It also has nailhead trim. And it’s made in America! We love that! Right??

What is it, you ask? Hmmm…a bar stool… a counter stool… you name it, and you figure out how to use it….and what to call it. Go for it! Really. Because, quite frankly, we are stumped. It has lived here at Simple Things for a few months. It sits quietly to the side and has been moved around the showroom. We have sat on it… it displayed a vintage saddle for a while… its had rugs piled on top of it. Obviously it has a use. Somewhere. Just not here anymore. Please come buy it. Please.

Original price – $899    Sale price – $100

photo 2

photo 3

photo 1

Deal of the Week

We’ve started something new. We get bored. We have retail ADD. So, we are starting a deal of the week – not because we love our customers, which we do – but because we just get tired of looking at stuff sometimes. Anyway, starting today we will be having one item a week on sale. One item that we just want to see go away. Fast.

So without further adieu, here it is, our first deal – a hand tied sisal rug. This is a 4×6 rug. Its not your average sisal rug. Warm soft color, subtle all over medallion pattern. Originally priced at $499, we are selling it for $99. Cheap.

Come by and take a look!


throw pillows

This week we are offering 20% off all of our throw pillows as our deal-of-the-week! Choose from a number of one of a kind pillows as well as items from our bedding companies.

image courtesy of

ALSO: We are getting new things in all the time, so be sure to stop by and check out our warehouse!

antiqued oval basket

This precious antiqued, shabby white oval basket is our deal-of-the-week! We think it would look great filled with fresh Christmas greenery or a collection of candles.

  • regular price $69, D-O-T-W price, $55
  • 8.75″ H x 24″ W x 12″ D
  • can be used in doors or out!

we three queens…

Arabella, Monique, and Serafina are three very regal sideboards that are our Deal-of-the-Week! 

In honor of the Holiday season we are haivng this very special D-O-T-W, THREE sideboards all 20% off!

Arabella: Regular price, $1749, D-O-T-W price, $1392- OUT ON APPROVAL

76″W x 20″D x 36″H

Monique: Regular price, $2149, D-O-T-W price, $1699

72″W x 20″D x 35″H

Serafina: Regular price, $2028, D-O-T-W price, $1599

64″W x 21″D x 31″H

cyber monday deal!

This console table is our Cyber Monday deal (so the deal is good TODAY only!!) It is made of reclaimed wood and has a beautiful “bleached desert” finish with aged bronze knobs.

This long, narrow console would be perfect behind a big comfy sofa!

Regular price $1139, Cyber Monday, price $899!

58″ W x 11″ D x 34″ H

just another satisfied customer…

This little lady purchased last week’s deal-of-the-week, and as you can see she is enjoying it!

this just in

We just received one of our market orders- so we picked our favorite new item to be our deal-of-the-week!

This round gold leaf table would be perfect between two chairs or next to a white linen settee, here are the details…

  • beveled glass top
  • authentic gold leaf finish
  • 22″ Round, 18″ H
  • regular price $769, D-O-T-W price 599!!