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A Bedding Refill

So, Caroline is our bedding expert. She orders it, opens the boxes, checks it in, stocks the shelves, makes the beds….. well, you get it. Periodically we need a major refill of our bedding. It dwindles down to a low level, and we place an order, and weeks later it arrives. It is truly an exciting day for us…what that says about us, I’ll let you be the judge. Okay, I’ll say it – We are total furnishings geeks.

Since we find this day so exciting, we thought maybe we’d share with you – a day in the life of a bunch of hopeless fabric nerds.

First, the boxes come. This time the order consisted of several cases. Of course, we just want to rip the boxes open and dig through them and ooh and aah over colors and fabrics, but oh no, that’s not the protocol. And there is definitely a protocol. I won’t bore you with that. Except the opening of the boxes :


Here’s Caroline working her way through the boxes :


Then after a lengthy process of checking a list and marking stuff down, blah, blah, blah… comes the tagging. We don’t just stick a tag on anything here at simple things. Tags are little works of art – please take note next time you’re in. The bedding tags are tea-stained, stamped, written on and attached with satin ribbon.


Then comes the fun part – filling the shelves. It’s very exciting to see well stocked shelves. It’s all organized by color, but the textures are all jumbled together, making for an artful display.

photo 2


I guess we should tell you a little bit about Bella Notte. For those of you not in the know, Bella Notte is a bedding company that we have carried for the last 11 years. They make what we would describe as elegantly faded, vintage washed, highly textural, beautifully colored, basically perfect bedding – sheets, shams, duvet covers, bedspreads, bed skirts, throw pillows and throw blankets in satin, cotton, linen, velvet, and lace.

photo 2

Bella Notte are masters of mixing textures to make a beautiful bed. And then we have Caroline to knock it out of the park with her artfully made displays. Check them out on instagram – her beds continually get the most likes.


So, finally I get to the point – if you need bedding, now’s a great time to come in. You can walk right in and have your pick of a great selection of bits and pieces…. or call and make an appointment with our bedding guru, Caroline – she will make up a beautiful bed just for you right before your eyes.

And, just in case you need one, we can order you a new bed – iron, upholstered, slipcovered… but that’s a whole other post.