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Deal of theWeek – SOLD!

Sorry, it sold already.

Guilty as charged…No deals in awhile, but admission is step one.

Today we have two chairs, a pair of chairs, in fact. Kind of a 1950-ish, mid century vibe. I’d call them small scale. They are technically dining chairs, but they pair off well for everyday seating, albeit not for your big brother-in-law. So, dining chairs, office chairs, side chairs – they would fit the bill.

They are upholstered in 100% cotton – in a cappuccino color…. wherein lies the problem, or rather our problem with them…..we usually keep a pair of these around in white vinyl – but we decided to go out on a limb…and…well, we should have stayed on our old limb. It’s not the fabric – we love cotton. And the color is not bad – it’s pretty. It’s neutral. It’s harmless. But it’s not white…and we love white. As for the quality, they are American made, built to last. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

But enough already. Here’s the deal :




original price – $1167 each   sale price – $500 for the pair!!!


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  1. Sandy Bailey #

    Please change my email address to:

    Thanks, Sandy Bailey


    June 2, 2016
    • Hi Sandy,
      Unfortunately, I can’t change the emails on the blog – It won’t let me alter people’s information. You will need to subscribe to the blog with your new email address. There’s a subscribe box on the right hand sidebar.

      June 19, 2016

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