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Deal of the Week – SOLD!!!

Sorry, it sold already.

Time for the Deal of the Week…..on a Monday. I know, we are getting crazy over here! We are starting to realize that Fridays are just too jam-packed with other stuff, we just can’t seem to fit the Deal in anymore. And the thing is, we always have stuff we want to get rid of.

In honor of our first Monday deal of the week, we decided to let go of something pretty great. This is a leather wingback-ish chair. It has some fantastic detailing – tack trim, tufted leather, burlap back, casters. The chair has a really graceful profile as well. Yeah, we really like this chair. It’s a nice looking chair. In fact, we have ordered these many times. We always order them in pairs….I know what you are asking…Is this the result of a “pair-breaker”? Why, yes, it is. Someone marched in here and just wanted one. One of a pair. You know who you are. We have a wall in the back where we hang pictures of “pair-breakers”. Not really.

I guess you should all be glad about this pair-breaking phenomenon, since so often you benefit from it. And I guess making you happy should make us feel all warm inside. Not really.

Oh, and one caveat – this is not the most comfortable chair, nor is it the most remarkable quality…It’s not the chair you buy as your sit-around-in-all-day-Sunday chair. It’s more of a chair that you pull up as an extra seat…maybe for someone that you don’t want to linger. But you wouldn’t feel guilty about sitting said person in this chair because it’s so good looking.

Anyway, buy this chair. It’s pretty handsome. Use it next to a sofa, in an office, tuck it in a corner – it’s very versatile. But by all means, buy it. It’s lonely. And looking at it makes us bitter.

Dimensions – 32D, 30W, 43H



original price – $1490   sale price – $500

Oh, and I guess I should review the rules :

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 . Call. It’s best to call. Really.)
2. No holds. None. We just can’t.
3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.

Did I mention, it’s best to call??

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