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Semi-Annual We-Are-Bored-With-Stuff Sale

We bore easily. This is how these sales come about. Usually we start moving things around, but it’s the summer and just too hot and too much trouble, so we decided to sit down and start sending stuff to the chopping block. So here you go – our occisional-annual, but sometimes more often, We-Are-Bored-With-Stuff Sale. By the way, there are rules: no returns, no exchanges, no warranty. It’s yours–we never want to see it again.

First up–a “perfect chair” that we still find perfect. We had two, someone purchased one and ruined our fun. Stunning fabric in a non-washable linen ticking stripe, fantastic soft color, great hand, and most important–unbelievably comfortable (see “the perfect chair” post). Dimensions – 35″W 38″D 35″H

original price – $2190   sale price – $999

Here’s a pair of tables–side tables for a high arm sofa or perfect bedside tables. Why are they on the list? We have a lot of bedsides in stock right now, and honestly we are divided on whether we love them.  We thought they were priced too high anyway. We aren’t hating on them or anything, but this is called a Stuff-We-Are-Bored-With Sale. ‘Nuf said. Dimensions – 29″W 16 1/2″D 30″H

original price – $1290 each   sale price – $400 each 


This is one of our favorite benches of all time. We think they are perfect in every way. We love to upholster them in antique rugs. This one is covered in a vintage rag rug. The only bad thing about these benches? We have like 30 of them. Not really. We have 4 of them, and we don’t want to change our name to Benches-R-Us. So we threw one into this sale. Buy this one. You won’t regret it. 60″W 16″D 18″H

original price – $1490    sale price – $800


We love this cabinet. It’s curved with curved doors. BOOM. Perfect in every way…we did scratch it…a little. It’s pink–just barely pink.  A little tiny bit pink…in a good way. Great architecture, subtle carved detail, ball feet. It would make a nice small scale buffet, an entry piece, storage in a nursery, a media cabinet, endless possibilities. 48″W 22″D 36″H

original price – $2490   sale price – $600


Okay, now this one comes with a story. We won’t mention any names or anything, but due to a customer’s little space planning “pickle”, we have some extra leather chairs…4 to be exact.  These are leather swivel chairs, one of our favorite frames due to the graceful architecture and the high back. The leather is soft and supple (you know how I hate that word, but it’s accurate in this case). The color is difficult to name–some might say taupe, neutral light brownish, chalky, hint of moss, cloudy, grey-ish. The manufacturer calls it fennel–poetic,huh? Buy one, two, three, or go crazy and buy four….actually don’t buy three – promise me you will never buy three chairs. That’s bad juju, it has to be. 32″W 37″D 38″H.

original price – $3690    sale price – $999


Now we are going to have a run of items that are the result of what we refer to as pair-breakers. Each of these fine pieces were part of a pair–half of a pair actually, but someone came along and stole them away from their twin. You know who you are.

SOLD!!!! First up, a butterfly chair. Not a lot to say here – a classic mid century design inspired by British campaign furniture of the 1800’s. This one is a grey washed denim with leather reinforcements on the corners. These are surprisingly comfy, fun chairs. Great on a covered porch, in a kids’ room, an office, a dorm room or just a really cool extra chair in a living room. We are unloading this one because, as I said, it was a part of a pair that was broken, plus we recently got a leather one and you really can’t have too many butterfly chairs. Remember what started happening with the benches.

original price – $299  sale price – $100

SOLD!!! Another lonely twin – a planter. This is a really large container that is a reproduction of a formal planter that might have been used for a topiary or orange tree…think Provence, E.M. Forester, Versailles–of course they would have been used in pairs, but sadly this is not the fate of this planter. It’s beautiful. You need it. 25″W 25″D 30″H. It’s missing a non essential bolt thing.

original price – $699   sale price – $200


Here is a black bedside dresser…or stand alone dresser. Solid black, clean lines. You might even say modern lines. Very simple. The front has a slight curve that keeps it from being boring. 36″W 22″D 30″H

original price – $899   sale price – $500


Last up, we have decided to have a sale on our in-stock Dash and Albert rugs – this sale will not apply to anything special order. The rug rack is up by our counter, and we are just tired of looking at the same rolls of rugs day after day. We decided a sale is in order. So all the in stock Dash and Albert rugs are 50% off!!! There are several small cotton rugs, a few indoor/outdoor rugs and a few wool rugs. Big change a-comin’ in this department.

One more thing – We will only hold sale items for 24 hours.




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