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Deal of the Week – SOLD!!


Sorry – it’s sold.

Sometimes, when buying things, we get a little enthusiastic. For instance, when most people see a perfectly aged over-dyed blue rug they buy maybe one of them. I mean, how many blue rugs do you need? Well, our enthusiasm got the best of us….again.  We are suckers for that faded french grayish blue with charcoal brown contrasts. And so now we sit here amongst thousands of blue rugs. not really, but we do seem to have too many. One too many to be exact, which brings us to the Deal of the Week. Once again you are benefitting from our overzealous buying. and we leave sunday for a rug buying trip to probably purchase even more vintage blue rugs.

We are offering up a smallish blue wool rug – 3’10″x7’2″. It’s what’s called an over-dyed rug, which means, someone who knows what they’re doing, took a possibly dull unpleasant looking rug and saturated it with dye – they dye the ugly right out of it, and you are left with something rather cool. This rug is dyed a pretty french blue and the ghost of the original pattern remains. Its really a great looking blue rug, as great looking as the other 352 blue rugs we have.* It’s a good one.






original price – $599   sale price – $200

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  1. Patty Genster #

    EEKS….love it. Probably be gone before I could get there. I may try though. How late are you open?

    Patty Genster | Senior Associate
    100 N. Forest Park Blvd, Suite 100
    Fort Worth, TX 76102
    817.204.0658 Direct
    817.703.5713 Mobile
    817.336.5400 Main
    817.336.5442 Fax
    [GLS logo S w-tag (Sm)]

    January 9, 2015
    • The deals sell really fast – the best thing to do is call the store the second you see one you want. If you subscribe to the blog, you get an email as soon as it’s posted.

      January 17, 2015

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