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Deal of the Week – SOLD!!

Sorry, it sold already.

It’s deal of the week time!!

This week we have something a little different. In casual conversation we call it the Eiffel Tower shelf. It’s an all metal shelf, some might call it an etagere, maybe a curio shelf….we’re really not clear on the technical term. We use it behind a sofa in the store, but it would be great against a wall in a little nook, the end of a hallway,  in the kitchen, maybe even a bathroom. It’s a versatile little piece that you can just rotate all over your home.

So why is it being ousted? Honestly, we don’t know. It was the tall guy who stood out when it came time to choose.  There was really no reason. I know that’s not an interesting answer, but there it is. Its heavy and solid.

Dimensions : 80″ tall, 40″ wide

photo 1


photo 2

original price – $1299   sale price – $350

Remember, calling the store is the best way to get this deal, and call pretty quick –


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