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Deal of the Week

This week we have a deal to make up from the deal last time, which incidentally, we still have. This time it’s something really good, really useful. You are gonna like this one.

It’s a french lingerie chest – If you don’t know what that is, it’s a tall skinny dresser. It has a pretty chippy white finish with a little grey peeking through. It has 4 drawers with nice looking hardware. You could use it as intended, or for just about anything.

Why are we getting rid of this? Well, a while back one of the legs broke off due to a funny and painful accident – long story short, Callan (former warehouse guy that we miss terribly) and this dresser got into a little bit of a fight. And despite the fact that the dresser lost one of it’s back legs, it was definitely the victor. Callan now suffers from a severe phobia of dressers with no hope of recovery. As for the structural integrity of the dresser – it survived and was rehabilitated. We reattached the leg with great success and this thing should stand tall for a long time. And the repair is so well done (thanks to Jonny) that you can’t even see it – and since it’s a back leg it would be pretty discreet if you could. And it promises not to attack anyone else. Good as new. We promise.

dimensions – 48″high, 24″wide, 20″deep



original price – $1290   sale price – $350!!!

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