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Deal of the Week!!! SOLD!!

It’s the Deal of the Week! And as a bonus today we are going to do two! One now, one later.

And it’s not because we have completely slacked off for the last two weeks…. Okay, yeah, it really is because we have slacked off for the last two weeks. What can i say, we are trying to make amends.

Today’s deal is a side table. A pretty cool side table. It is a marble top that sits on an iron base. It has sort of a modern vibe to it, and we like a little of that thrown into a room. It’s is 18″ wide and 22 1/2 ” tall. It’s a nice size – big enough to tuck in between a pair of chairs, but small enough to sidle up next to a sofa or chair and not be in the way. So, to sum things up, It’s a good little table.

photo 5

photo 1


original price –  $299   sale price – $100

And remember – stay tuned. Another deal is coming your way.

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  1. frstry #

    Have you sold yet? Do you ship to Houston area, and how much?

    July 30, 2014

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