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Deal of the Week…uh, not so much.

Houston, we have a problem. There is no one here to post a deal of the week. I completely understand your disappointment and frustration with this glitch, but there it is. You see, the person in question that is responsible for these shenanigans is AWOL. If you were to search them out, you might find them galavanting through the desert southwest, hiking in the mountains of utah, or sitting on the edge of a mesa. In any case, they are in no position to make the deal happen.

This person, if they were here, would apologize for this change in our regularly scheduled programming. They would also express sympathy that all of you, back in Texas, are not experiencing 0% humidity, and currently enjoying high temperatures in the 60s, and that you are not seeing some of the most beautiful scenery our country has to offer. They might feel guilty about this, but they really don’t. They would like to say that they miss being at work to sit and write the deal of the week post for you, but that would be flat out lying, and this person just doesn’t lie.

And one last tidbit, here is a little shot from this little adventure that this person, who can only be described as delightful, is experiencing. It is most likely taken on the porch of an old victorian cottage overlooking a quiet mountain village.


Please check back in for the deal next Friday.

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