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I know – we haven’t posted anything but Deals-of-the-Week for the last few weeks, and really, it’s not because we’ve had nothing to say. I assure you we always have something to say at Simple Things. What have we been doing with our time, if not posting tidbits of information on our blog? It’s a simple answer really – we’ve been unpacking. That’s right. Unpacking stuff from all points. Unpacking stuff from buying excursions. Unpacking boxes and boxes of lamps and chandeliers. Unpacking sofas and chairs. Unpacking antique rugs. Unpacking art. Unpacking pillows. Unpacking cool one-of-a-kind antique do-dads. And then, after all that stuff is unpacked, somebody, or rather everybody, has to clean it, price it, and find a pretty place to put it. And this time there was so much new stuff that there was no one left to write a blog post.




Here is just one of our truckloads.

When we reopened the store last year, we got in all kinds of new stuff to fill it up – a daunting task really. And we did. It was full, or at least we thought it was full. We stood back, patted each other on the back and said – “Wow, this is cool. Look at all this cool stuff under one big roof!”…… And it was cool. And it was a lot of stuff. So when we unpacked all of this new stuff over the last few weeks and then placed all this new stuff on the floor, we realized – “Okay, now this store is full.” What were we thinking calling our grand opening “full”? Because over the last few weeks we have realized that you can cram a whole, whole lot of stuff under this roof. We have shuffled stuff from here to there, from there to here trying to fit it all in. And the truth is – it’s still not all in. And we have more stuff coming. If ever there was a time to pop into Simple Things for a visit, this is it. That time has come.

Here’s just a glimpse. A glimpse – I kid you not.


Some large scale art and a trio of wonky little tables.



A pair of faded worn teak chairs with the perfect pitch. And check out the giant squishy denim pillows.



We got several industrial side tables – we are using this as a bedside. The perfect old green.



A set of 8 french dining chairs – a faded black finish, upholstered in a cotton ticking.



Grain sacks! And a lot of them – We prewashed them for you! – Just shove a pillow inside.



A pair of vintage outdoor chairs – We like them inside too!



We brought back several of these table/stools. Great chippy finish – we love chippy.



Okay, these are pretty much my favorite, if I get a vote. They are amazing pendant light fixtures. Hand blown glass, inspired by old telephone pole insulators. They hang from natural rope that’s meticulously wrapped with wire and capped at each end with metal trim.



We call these the Mad Men chairs. They are low, deep, and soft (not unlike Don Draper actually). This time we ordered them in a soft leather and had them topstitched with a heavy contrasting thread.



Here’s a set of four Danish Modern dining chairs and a drippy crystal chandelier.



Lots of pairs of bedside tables. This is just one of them.




And, more art – vintage silk screens. Aren’t they great in a window?

Whew! Hope you hung in there with me all the way through – The thing is, even though I listed a lot of items, there’s so, so much more. And more is coming. Lots more. I implore you to stop in for a gander – and the sooner the better. We want you to see Simple Things at its best.






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  1. Angie #

    Now you’re just showing off, Simple Things. 😉 xoxo

    May 28, 2014
  2. frstry #

    HOw much are the sofas: below the cow prints/paintings and below the silk screens on window??   Thanks!  Also shipping to 77452, houston area (katy, TX.)?  Thanks.

    May 28, 2014
    • The camel back sofa under the cows is $2990 – it’s slipcovered in a washable cotton, and it’s a classic and is very comfy. The white linen slipcovered sofa under the silkscreens is $5490 – and it’s my personal favorite sofa of all time. It’s remarkably comfortable and perfect in every way – call and talk to us about this sofa – it’s amazing, but it’s not for the anal retentive – but i still stand by it’s perfection. Store phone # is 817-332-1772 , the email is

      May 28, 2014
      • Pam Beck #

        how much are the hand blown glass pendants, inspired by old telephone pole insulators? I need three and would ship to Knoxville, TN. What does the canopy look like/made of that goes on the ceiling where the top of the rope connects?

        November 1, 2015
      • Did you ever receive a response to this comment? I thought i answered it, but it looks as if i did not. if so, I’m so sorry! We don’t have any currently in stock, but they can be reordered. let me know and i’ll send the info right away.

        November 23, 2015

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