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Deal of the Week! SOLD!!

Surely you know the rules by now, but just in case, here we go again :

1 – First paying customer gets it. Pay in person or by phone.

2 – No holds – we just can’t…sorry.

3 – No returns. none. it’s yours.

Okay, here it is –

It is really beautiful, lots of nice detailing. Wood trim on the base, upholstered with a perfectly washed out antique rug on the sides and leather on top. It also has nailhead trim. And it’s made in America! We love that! Right??

What is it, you ask? Hmmm…a bar stool… a counter stool… you name it, and you figure out how to use it….and what to call it. Go for it! Really. Because, quite frankly, we are stumped. It has lived here at Simple Things for a few months. It sits quietly to the side and has been moved around the showroom. We have sat on it… it displayed a vintage saddle for a while… its had rugs piled on top of it. Obviously it has a use. Somewhere. Just not here anymore. Please come buy it. Please.

Original price – $899    Sale price – $100

photo 2

photo 3

photo 1

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  1. Vikiann Gunter #

    Cooper…it’s still on the blog. It’s mine, is t it? The carpet stool? Vikiann

    Vikiann Gunter, aka Mimi😍


    March 17, 2014
    • Yeah, its yours!!!! We mark “sold” on the blogpost so that when people look at the blog from their email link they will see that it was already sold. We don’t want for people who received the email to open a dead link. does that make sense?? But the important thing is, it is absolutely yours!! It’s waiting quietly for you 🙂

      March 17, 2014
  2. Vikiann Gunter #

    Cooper. Did t hear back from you. You didn’t sell my stool to someone else did you? Confused since it is still online What time do you close tomorrow? Vikiann

    Vikiann Gunter, aka Mimi😍


    March 18, 2014

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