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Great Finds : A Repurposed Industrial Field Trip

We’re frequently asked where we find some of the one-of-a-kind pieces we have in the showroom. The truth is, it’s a difficult question to answer. Things are gathered up from many sources, sources that have been unearthed and collected over the last 16 years. So it’s hard to give a simple answer.

But we thought we might try–through the blog–to give curious souls a little insight into these sources on occasion. This post will be the first in a series that will reveal itself in bits and pieces over time as we uncover some of these treasures.


This particular trip, a recent one made to replenish our stock, was to one of our favorite vendors. We love these guys. I say guys, but it’s really a husband and wife team that work together like a well oiled machine. These are true craftsmen – metal craftsmen to be exact. If you’ve ever been to our store, you’ve probably walked right past some of their work. They spend a part of their year traveling through the country finding metal salvage that they can transform, through some creative processes and some kick a$# metal crafting skills, into some of the coolest furniture we’ve ever seen.  Here are a few pictures we snapped during our visit.


Bits and pieces waiting to be worked into a project, sometimes waiting for years for just the right spot.


They even go to the trouble of keeping a stash of nuts and bolts rusting in a bowl.


These are a few bases waiting for the table tops that are crafted in all shapes and sizes. They wrap these steel table tops with a metal band to finish them off. One of the coolest parts of this place is the field adjacent to the workshop where sheets of metal are laying, aging, rusting until they reach the perfect state of corrosion.



Now here are a few finished pieces sitting in our showroom. Did I already say that we love these guys? Next time you’re in, be sure to ask us to show off our newest acquisitions.




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