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IMG_0407 - Version 2

Usually we like to share new items and cool stuff by Facebook and instagram (why yes, we do use instagram – you should absolutely follow us). But we decided this recent collection was blog-worthy – it’s just that cool.

These are all items that were gathered up on a recent buying trip. They are vastly different in their textures but all have a wonderful organic quality – low metal benches, teak root balls, wood blocks. The table in the photo is a long pine coffee table – 112″ long to be exact. There’s also a great french chair upholstered in patchwork vintage ticking, and some fantastic chandeliers in a primitive metal. The photo only shows a few of the items – you’ll have to drop in and see the tree root bench and tree stump tables and a few other goodies. Who knows, you might come away with a Christmas gift or two.

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