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winter decorating diy

It was very chilly when we arrived at the warehouse this morning, so it got us to thinking about holiday decorating. We stumbled across this fun DIY decorating idea and while it may not be quite cold enough for this little project yet, it will be before you know it! So, here is our wintery treat for you (that we totally stole from design sponge).

Winter Ice Lanterns:

You need two buckets, one smaller than the other.

Some greens, I love to use olive branches.

Fill the biggest bucket half full with water.

Place the smaller bucket inside it and place some rocks or something heavy to keep in place.

Add more water, the water level should be to the top.

Add your branches to the sides of the bucket.

Use some tape to keep the small bucket in the middle of the big one.

Now set the whole thing outside to freeze.

Once its frozen, remove the small bucket first and then the large one.

You now have a beautiful ice lantern.

Place a votive candle inside and voila, the party can start.

(Both the image and directions are courtesy of design sponge)

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