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Deal of the Week!! SOLD!

Deal of the week is sold!

Alright, first the rules :

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 , call. it’s best to call.)

2. No holds. None. We just can’t.

3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.

Here we go again. As you know, the deal of the week debate is a complicated and contentious ordeal. Every week, generally at the very last minute, we walk around bickering about objects we despise or are just sick of. This time, this poor chair that has been on death row since day one finally reached the chopping block. Why has it taken so long, you might ask? Well, mainly because we are split on hatred for this chair. I won’t mention any names or take sides……..except to say this, I love this chair and I am, quite frankly, in the right on this one.

Okay, I know, this chair is not for everybody. It is unique and is of quite a vivid hue. We call it “the lime green chair”. I know, we are great with creative monikers–something we take extreme pride in–and obviously this name is a raging success. It has an unmistakable 50s/midcentury vibe. It’s upholstered in a lime green damask fabric  from which it takes it’s name. It’s a small scale chair that can be tucked into a corner and yet still make a statement. One of the cooler more surprising details is its wood frame which is stained grey. I will miss this chair. It adds a little pop of color in each vignette it’s placed in. (I hate both of the words “pop” and “vignette”, and I apologize for using them, and both in one sentence no less).

Dimensions? 23″wide, 28″ deep, 33″ tall







Original price – $899   sale price – $250

One more note – the artwork is not included, but don’t you wish it was?


What’s new?

I know – we haven’t posted anything but Deals-of-the-Week for the last few weeks, and really, it’s not because we’ve had nothing to say. I assure you we always have something to say at Simple Things. What have we been doing with our time, if not posting tidbits of information on our blog? It’s a simple answer really – we’ve been unpacking. That’s right. Unpacking stuff from all points. Unpacking stuff from buying excursions. Unpacking boxes and boxes of lamps and chandeliers. Unpacking sofas and chairs. Unpacking antique rugs. Unpacking art. Unpacking pillows. Unpacking cool one-of-a-kind antique do-dads. And then, after all that stuff is unpacked, somebody, or rather everybody, has to clean it, price it, and find a pretty place to put it. And this time there was so much new stuff that there was no one left to write a blog post.




Here is just one of our truckloads.

When we reopened the store last year, we got in all kinds of new stuff to fill it up – a daunting task really. And we did. It was full, or at least we thought it was full. We stood back, patted each other on the back and said – “Wow, this is cool. Look at all this cool stuff under one big roof!”…… And it was cool. And it was a lot of stuff. So when we unpacked all of this new stuff over the last few weeks and then placed all this new stuff on the floor, we realized – “Okay, now this store is full.” What were we thinking calling our grand opening “full”? Because over the last few weeks we have realized that you can cram a whole, whole lot of stuff under this roof. We have shuffled stuff from here to there, from there to here trying to fit it all in. And the truth is – it’s still not all in. And we have more stuff coming. If ever there was a time to pop into Simple Things for a visit, this is it. That time has come.

Here’s just a glimpse. A glimpse – I kid you not.


Some large scale art and a trio of wonky little tables.



A pair of faded worn teak chairs with the perfect pitch. And check out the giant squishy denim pillows.



We got several industrial side tables – we are using this as a bedside. The perfect old green.



A set of 8 french dining chairs – a faded black finish, upholstered in a cotton ticking.



Grain sacks! And a lot of them – We prewashed them for you! – Just shove a pillow inside.



A pair of vintage outdoor chairs – We like them inside too!



We brought back several of these table/stools. Great chippy finish – we love chippy.



Okay, these are pretty much my favorite, if I get a vote. They are amazing pendant light fixtures. Hand blown glass, inspired by old telephone pole insulators. They hang from natural rope that’s meticulously wrapped with wire and capped at each end with metal trim.



We call these the Mad Men chairs. They are low, deep, and soft (not unlike Don Draper actually). This time we ordered them in a soft leather and had them topstitched with a heavy contrasting thread.



Here’s a set of four Danish Modern dining chairs and a drippy crystal chandelier.



Lots of pairs of bedside tables. This is just one of them.




And, more art – vintage silk screens. Aren’t they great in a window?

Whew! Hope you hung in there with me all the way through – The thing is, even though I listed a lot of items, there’s so, so much more. And more is coming. Lots more. I implore you to stop in for a gander – and the sooner the better. We want you to see Simple Things at its best.






Deal of the Week!

Deal of the Week time has arrived!

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 , call. it’s best to call.)

2. No holds. None. We just can’t.

3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.


We are getting tired of getting rid of new stuff. We thought we’d throw something old into the mix. I’d really like to be writing a post in which we trash something and talk about how sick we are of it, but I can’t. I’m not sick of this. I could never get sick of it. I don’t even know why we are doing it. It’s never even been discussed as a possibility. But, at Simple Things you are accustom to spur of the moment surprises and the loss of things you have grown to love.

So here goes – you might as well start dialing. This is a vintage medical cabinet. It has glass on all sides – And I mean that – 4 sides AND top AND bottom. It sits atop 4 slightly splayed legs. We lovingly call these kind of things “floaters “- in other words, this can’t be crammed against a wall. It likes a little breathing room – and don’t we all? The frame is metal – it looks like a tarnished dirty brass – in a good way, a real good way. We can’t call it brass though, because actually we have no idea. Its about 5′ tall. The frame has some lovely little detailing in the corners. It has three shelves – 4 shelves if you count the bottom. All this glass set in a minimal frame means you have a sculptural little cabinet that even though it takes up some physical space, it visually takes no space at all. Does that make sense?? The door is a little grumpy but we don’t mind that from something that is approaching 100 years old. “Almost 100 years old” – Did you hear that? This ain’t no Restoration Hardware reproduction.

What do you do with it?? Use it however you see fit. We use it to display collections and do-dads. Anything you set in this little cabinet becomes immediately more special. It can be used in a bathroom to hold bottles, containers and towels. Right now it’s holding some lovely little tea towels in our bedding area. I promise you will find the perfect spot.

You’re crazy if you don’t buy it. Crazy.

photo 1


photo 4


photo 2

Personally, this little handwritten “open” is my favorite part.


original price – $1299     sale price – $500



Deal of the Week – SOLD!!!

Well, here we go again. It’s deal of the week time!

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 , call. it’s best to call.)

2. No holds. None. We just can’t.

3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.

This week, another first – a coffee table! So, here’s the deal on this – in a buying frenzy we bought 4 of these tables. They are heavy metal (not the music kind), industrial style tables. When you see piles of cool coffee tables in a large warehouse or market they don’t look that big. You think to yourself, we totally have room for 4 of these. then when you bring them back to your smaller storage space your realize that you might have over shot it. The smart thing we did was buy 4 different colors – red, green, white and blue. We mulled it over, discussed it, analyzed it, pondered it and generally ran the subject into the ground as we are apt to do. The final verdict. The blue has to go! We’re not saying blue’s not cool, quite the contrary. We are not blue-haters. We will not judge your love for blue if you are so inclined. BUT if we are forced to pick the one we most DON’T want to look at one second longer – it’s the blue.

So here are the details : this is a 40″ round table, 18″ high. It’s three legs sit on industrial wheels – which brings up a little detail to keep in mind – the wheels DO NOT swivel – this fact semi bugs the heck out of us, but their general cool factor makes up for it. The wheels each face the same direction, which means one of the wheels sits out a little further than the other two – I realize that statement is remarkably unclear, but that’s how I roll on Fridays. The blue paint is chippy, scratched up and distressed – in other words -perfect (in our world anyway). And without further adieu, here are some pics :







original price – $499    sale price – $200!!!




Deal of the Week – Sold!

Sorry! the deal has sold. In less than 4 minutes! You gotta be quick.

Happy Friday! It’s the Deal of the Week!

rules :

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 , call. it’s best to call.)

2. No holds. None. We just can’t.

3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.

Here’s what happens the day before (or sometimes 15 minutes before) we post the Deal – we all, or whoever’s here, sit down and debate what we are most sick of looking at in the showroom. Caroline might say “I’m sick of that…”, Patty might say ” Can we please get rid of …?”. We all have opinions – we debate and argue our case for the thing we hate the most. Don’t get me wrong – we might have liked it initially, but stuff gets old. So far, that’s how it’s gone every week. But this time, it’s different. If you haven’t been in the store recently you might not know how much new stuff has rolled in – this fact really deserves it’s own blogpost. Anyway, last week, all the new amazingly cool stuff rolled in – from far and wide. Now here’s where the deal of the week comes in. We got a pair of great looking swivel armless chairs with a nice looking striped cotton twill. The same nice looking striped cotton twill we have on another chair that’s been sitting in the showroom for a couple of months. Dang. We don’t want to be known as the striped-cotton-twill-store. Something has to go, even though it’s something we AREN’T sick of. So here it is :

The Acacia chair by Cisco Brothers. Incredible morning & reading chair. Sits an inch or two lower than regular – which is what makes it cool. Beautiful rolled back. Just a dog gone pretty chair. American artisan made. Hand tied springs. French pin tufting. Down filled Lombard pillow 100% woven cotton material.

width – 33″  height –  32″ depth – 42″






original price : $2290   sale price : $590 (wow. that’s pretty darn close to 75% off)

Now call. Hurry!!



Deal of the Week

It’s time for the deal. I guess I’ll get the rules over with – so here goes :

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 , call. it’s best to call.)

2. No holds. None. We just can’t.

3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.


We are going into a whole new category of stuff this week – a bed! A heavy, well made twin size headboard and footboard, to be exact. This American made bed  is a dull pewter/ satin nickel sort of a color. So, NOT shiny – if you’re lookin’ for shiny this is the wrong place. I am not proficient with my headboard-footboard terminology, so you might just skip down to the picture. But I’ll do my best – this twin bed frame has a vintage look to it. Classic architecture, oversized joint thingies, rails, and the tops kinda curl back a little like a sleigh bed without being a sleigh bed. How was that for a bad description?? Pretty good, huh? I give up – here are some pics :

photo 1

photo 2


original price – $1750     sale price – $390

This bed includes the headboard, footboard and rails. In other words, NO mattress or box springs.



Deal of the Week – SOLD!!!

WOW – sold in 1 minute 18 seconds

It’s deal of the week time! This week we aren’t quite so late in posting. First – the rules.

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 , call. it’s best to call.)

2. No holds. None. We just can’t.

3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.

This week we’re calling the deal “Our Pain, Your Gain”. That’s right, we gave it a title just to shake things up. So, here’s how this went down. We carry a line of rugs, perhaps you’ve seen them in the store, Dash and Albert Rugs. They are brand spanking new rugs as opposed to our antique rugs that have been featured both on the blog and “the deal”.  They are lovely.  Anyway, we try to keep a few in stock – small 2×3’s which are kitchen sink-y kind of things. We like to have a couple of 3×5’s – they make a nice oversized door mat, maybe a bedside rug to step onto on a cold morning, even a bath rug. We even sometimes have a 4×6.

We NEVER order any larger ones for the store to keep in stock- you have to special order those. It would be dumb of us to have that size in the store.  I mean, they wouldn’t roll up nice and small and then fit into our pretty display cabinet. Right? It just wouldn’t make sense. Here’s where the blunder comes in. I’m not going to point fingers or anything (We LOVE pointing fingers here at Simple Things) . There are rumors of fault, but we won’t air that out here. Anyway, the result of this goof is we have been stuck with a brand spankin’ new 8×10(!) rug that stays rolled up while we take turns tripping over it. It must go.

Dash and Albert wool hook rug (100% wool, to be exact)

Its 8×10 – that’s big

Charcoal grey background with a classic tile pattern, some cream and a touch of brown

Heavy backing

Great at hiding mishaps that sometimes occur on rugs

Did I mention it is really beautiful?

Now, please, get it out of here. One of us is gonna get hurt.




Original price – $975  Sale price – $250


Operators are standing by.


SOLD!!! Deal of the Week!!! a little late

Sorry, the deal of the week is sold.



Okay, here it is. Finally. But first, the rules :

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 , call. it’s best to call.)

2. No holds. none. we just can’t.

3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.


This is a minimally tufted leather bench from one of our favorite companies – Cisco Brothers. A company famous for their beautiful upholstered and slipcovered furniture. This bench is upholstered in soft cut and sewn mushroom colored italian leather, with a dusty grey steel base. It is referred to as a architect’s bench, a perfect name for a piece of furniture with such subtle grace. It can be masculine. It can be modern. It is beautiful. Really.






Dimensions – 60″ wide, 16″deep, 18″high

original price – $1790   sale price – $400

Ready, set, go!

A little deal of the week advice…

The deal of the week will be posted later today. We are running a little behind this morning. But I will take this moment to offer some words of wisdom regarding the deal.

This post does not contain the deal of the week. However, it does contain pertinent information. – We’re going to call it a tip. Deal of the Week tip #1.I know you’ve already heard that the best way to get word of the Deal of the Week is to subscribe to our blog – its emailed out the second it’s published (if you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do so right over there, on the right side of the page) But here’s something we have learned form doing this. This is important, so pay attention. When you decide you want to buy the deal – call us. Call us, please. If you leave a comment on the blog or send us an email we might not see it for an hour or so, and we are so sorry about that. We are usually busy on the floor on Fridays – so we don’t always check our email or comments. But here’s the thing – We always answer the phone. So later, when we finally get to it, pick up the phone. It’s the best way. I promise.


A Mini-Sale!!

We just finished “red-lining” a couple of things. Some good things.

First – some pillows. These pillows are mostly linen and have great detailing – in the form of embroidery and appliqués. There are neutrals and some soft colors. For the most part they have a more formal look…not that they couldn’t be funky, if that’s what’s called for. They are actually really nice pillows. The problem, you ask? Why are they on sale, you might want to know. Well, the ugly truth is we’ve gone a little pillow crazy here recently, and something has got to go. Our new pillows are mostly handcrafted, one-of-a-kinds. So these more polished ones have got to go! They were originally priced at anywhere from $199 – $399. And as of today, until they are all gone they will be $99 each. Here’s a look:





Next up, two arm chairs – english arms to be exact. Oh, and a matching ottoman. So, let’s recap – two chairs, one ottoman. They are upholstered in a lightish brown fabric. You could almost call it a tweed texture. These chairs are classic. Perfect, really. And they have down backs and down wrapped seat cushions, which means they are comfortable, too. I know what you’re saying – why are they on sale? Well, for much the same reason as our pillows are on sale. We just have too many of this frame on the floor, and four more are arriving soon. What this tells you is that this is one of our favorite frames – one of our go-to frames, actually. Now here’s the exciting part – regular price these chairs would be $1790 EACH, and the ottoman would be an additional $699. So, get ready – the sale price is $1999 – for all three pieces. All three. Wow.

Here are the pics :







One more thing, this is NOT our deal of the week. It’s coming tomorrow! stay tuned….

And be sure and watch for the deal of the week tomorrow!!


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