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Deal of the week! SOLD!!!

1 – First paying customer gets it. Pay in person or by phone.

2 – No holds – we just can’t…sorry.

3 – No returns. none. it’s yours.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

 The details:

Metal French bakers table with a
vintage inspired finish  - with chippy cream paint on aged metal.

This generously sized table makes a great desk, entry table, sofa table, bedside table.

It has a metal top with a soft rounded edge sits on top of a base with lots of pretty curved detailing.
29″ high, 30″ deep,

original price – 1290
sale price – 350


Deal of the Week!! SOLD

I think we all remember the rules here, but just in case here goes :

1 – First paying customer gets it. Pay in person or by phone.

2 – No holds – we just can’t…sorry.

3 – No returns. none. it’s yours.

Okay here it is :




Here are the details :

Beautiful brown and white hair-on-hide slipper chair. I know, hair-on-hide is not a pretty name. Lets just call it cow hide.

Made in America (that’s cool, right?)

It sits on a dark neutral wood base.

A great side chair – it would sit happily in a living room, game room, bedroom… and cow hide is so durable it could be great for a kid’s room. It has been placed in several vignettes in our showroom – it looks great with everything – not unlike a pair of blue jeans.

Size, you ask?  23″ wide, 31″deep, 34″high (back), seat is 18″ high.

Drum roll, please…..

Original 2190

Sale price – 250………….yes, 250.

is that basically 89% off???? It is. wow.

Now, go!

A Bittersweet Tale

This week our blogpost is a sentimental one, for this week we say goodbye to one of our own. She has been a great friend to us. She has stood beside us for the last 6 years – through some rather trying times, namely the remodel. She’s been at every meeting, been witness to so many decisions, to celebrations, to Simple Things history. She has seen some ugly arguments and debates over paint color, logo design, roof color, window placement. She has been here for birthday parties, hasty lunches, an occasional unhealthy breakfast. She has been a great supporter (quite literally, really). And through all of this, she remained strong and unbiased. Through all of this she sat graceful and silent. I am, of course, talking about our table.


This dear friend is leaving us.

She came to us 6 years ago via a Belgian dealer that imports European vintage industrial into the US. She is a native Belgian from the capital city of Brussels. Her original job was as a factory work table, which explains her grand size. She is a perfectly ambered long grain pine with turned legs.

(We, however, will always think of her as our Downton Abbey table – as discussed in this recent blog post).


She has been a fixture at simple things for a long while – at least a long while in the furniture business. Her first appearance was at our christmas display in the old location, – not Granbury, or pre-remodeled Vickery. I’m talking old – University Park Village old.

Image 38

After that she found a place of honor in our offices (and in our hearts) as our work/conference/debate table. She’s been strewn with floor plans and samples of every building material you can imagine. Customers have chosen their sofa while sitting at this table. Employees have had multiple meals here, customer and employee children have drawn pictures at this table.


But as with many friends that come into our lives, they sometimes must move along to the next stage. And this girl is movin’ on up. As of next week, she will be heading to her new home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her new owner is absolutely delightful – and I don’t know if we could part with her to anything less.

We don’t think she’ll miss us, since she’s a table and all, but in case you are worried about that, be comforted in the fact that she is going with some good friends: a sofa named antebella, some dining chairs, some english-arm chairs and some wicked cool leather chairs (which i will post pictures of in a day or two). All of these pieces are, of course, reorder-able, but our table…..she is one of a kind perfect.


Farewell, friend.

Deal of the Week – SOLD!!!!! That was quick.

It’s time for our deal of the week! As I have stated before, the deal of the week is, for the most part, something we just want out of here. That’s we it’s priced super low – we want it gone…. today – as soon as possible, really. And as with any good deal, there are stipulations, rules to adhere by. So, here goes – first paying customer gets it. In other words, we can’t hold it until you can get here, we won’t take it back. ever. We don’t want it. Get it??

So now that the air is cleared, Here it is!!!

This bench is upholstered in a cotton zebra print fabric. It’s a grey stripe, not a traditional black – so, its subtle and therefore more versatile. The turned legs are finished with an antique pine stain. Really, it’s a pretty cool bench. We’ve used it as a coffee table, placed it at the end of a bed, and used it alone against a wall. It would be at home in a living room, a game room, a bedroom or entry way, even in a kid’s room. Like I said, versatile.

Original price $690, Sale price $100!!

Hear are a few gritty details – it’s 20″deep, 49″ wide, 19″ tall.




New Arrivals – RUGS! (soft, worn, perfect)

Here at Simple Things there are a lot of things we love –  ironstone platters, well-kerned lettering on an old label, washed linens, a quirky collection. But there is one thing that goes beyond love, in fact, we are teetering on obsession here –  it’s antique rugs. I know, we have a problem, but I know there are others like us – rug lovers. Maybe you’re one.


A lot of people walk through the showroom and never look down. If they did, they might see a couple of our Dash and Albert rugs – crisp and clean and beautiful in their own right. But more often than not they would see an antique rug. These rugs are works of art – art that started out colorful and new, but after years of time and wear and sunlight they become perfect – faded, soft. Left with little or no pile, these rugs are lay beautifully on a floor – flat and worn. They add instant history to a space. They all have a story to tell.



Anyway, a couple of times a year a very exciting thing happens that makes us rug geeks squeal with delight. It’s the day our antique rugs arrive – the antique rugs that were meticulously chosen from thousands of rugs to come live at our store until they find their new home. That day has come.


The rugs are unwrapped and pulled out one by one, carefully catalogued, tagged and placed out in the showroom. This is so much fun! Each rug has the ability to breathe new life into our vignettes – they pull together an area and ground the pieces of furniture so that they don’t just float alone on the floor. The rugs add warmth on a cold day like today. Some are colorful and add a pop to a dead corner, and some are neutral and quietly bring the furniture together. Their age and wear add a contrast to our new upholstered pieces giving the arrangement a sense of history.




How is this relevant to you, you might ask. Well, a rug can serve this purpose in a home, too. They ground a room, pull everything together and give you a warm soft surface to set your feet on. They add a worn soft texture. You can get the same feeling we do when the rugs are set out. It’s hard to explain, but when we put our rugs out it feels like there had been something missing and we just couldn’t put our finger on it. It’s a relief. It’s a genuine ah-ha moment. We all love those.


And one more thing –  If you want to see more rug pics, check out the antique rug board on our pinterest page.

Oh, and if you see something you like come by and see us, or call for more information.

New Season – New Fabrics

Every few months we take on the task of ordering a new crop of furniture for the store. It involves us all gathering around the long table by the fabric racks – you know, the 13′ foot table that looks like the dining table in the servants hall at Downton Abbey.


We start out putting the catalogs out to see our frame choices, we start pulling fabrics and tossing them in a pile. We want a mix of frames – different arms, traditional and modern, formal and casual. We need a selection of fabrics – solids, neutrals, and prints, in linen, cotton, velvet, blends. We toss in a leather or two. we try to get a mix of slipcovers and tight upholstery. It doesn’t end there either. we have to decide about the stain color of any exposed wood. Do we want piping or no piping? How about topstitching – what color? what size thread? We choose nailhead for a few pieces – and there are choices there too – we have to choose color and size. 




It sounds like fun, right? …..It’s not. Let’s just say we have a lot of personalities that work here, each with their own opinion…..about everything. It can be a volatile combo. it can get ugly. If you come to the table, you come with a tough skin ready to defend your choices. It’s not unlike The Hunger Games.


In the end though, we are left with a nice stack of fabrics and a full order. Then begins the self-congratulations. And finally the worst part – waiting for it to arrive.

Here’s what we finally came up with this time :


Why do we torture ourselves in this way you may ask? Well, as trite as it may sound, it’s for you – when you come into our store, we want you to be able to see examples of all these choices and options. We want you to be able to try out chairs, cushion types, tight backs and down cushions. We want you to see frames with solids, stripes, ikats, etc. We want you to see a rumpled washed slipcover and a tight formal velvet. We want to educate you and help you make choices for your home, your space.


Deal of the Week

We’ve started something new. We get bored. We have retail ADD. So, we are starting a deal of the week – not because we love our customers, which we do – but because we just get tired of looking at stuff sometimes. Anyway, starting today we will be having one item a week on sale. One item that we just want to see go away. Fast.

So without further adieu, here it is, our first deal – a hand tied sisal rug. This is a 4×6 rug. Its not your average sisal rug. Warm soft color, subtle all over medallion pattern. Originally priced at $499, we are selling it for $99. Cheap.

Come by and take a look!


January Sale

We are cleaning house and marking down some items to make room for the new spring collection. Come by and take a look – our sale items go pretty quick. Remember, we are now open on Saturdays!


original price – 2725 each   sale price – 1299 each

We actually have a pair of these little settees. They look great together or on their own where you need a little extra seating – maybe at the end of a bed, a small sitting room or a staircase landing. Upholstered in a swedish blue belgian linen, designed by John Derian for Cisco Brothers.



original price – 2149 each   sale price – 999 each

These chairs are one of a kind, or technically two of a kind since we have a pair. The are upholstered in a faded blue antique wool rug on the seat and front, but the back is woven webbing – so cool!


original price – 1690   sale price – 999

This is a swivel glider slipcovered in a washable pale grey cotton. Super comfy with down backs and a down wrapped seat. A great chair for a living room, sitting room, or nursery.


original price – 2360   sale price – 999

Here’s a tufted back loveseat upholstered in velvet with a tiny print. Great scale for sitting with a sofa or as seating in a bedroom.


original price – 990 each   sale price – 399 each

We have a pair of these french side chairs. They are painted with a creamy distressed finish and have a floral needlepoint cushion.


original price – 599   sale price – 199

This is a black leather gentleman’s chair. Great for a little extra seating in an office or a modern loft.


original price – 3790   sale price – 1699

This is a queen size bed frame – upholstered in a pretty neutral linen with tufting and wood trim painted in a distressed cream. Very french – oui?


Original prices – 299-499   sale price – 99-199

Last but not least – We have a few of our pillows on sale. This is a line of really unique embroidered pillows. Mostly neutral colors with little pops of soft turquoise and robin’s egg blues on a few.

A Bedding Refill

So, Caroline is our bedding expert. She orders it, opens the boxes, checks it in, stocks the shelves, makes the beds….. well, you get it. Periodically we need a major refill of our bedding. It dwindles down to a low level, and we place an order, and weeks later it arrives. It is truly an exciting day for us…what that says about us, I’ll let you be the judge. Okay, I’ll say it – We are total furnishings geeks.

Since we find this day so exciting, we thought maybe we’d share with you – a day in the life of a bunch of hopeless fabric nerds.

First, the boxes come. This time the order consisted of several cases. Of course, we just want to rip the boxes open and dig through them and ooh and aah over colors and fabrics, but oh no, that’s not the protocol. And there is definitely a protocol. I won’t bore you with that. Except the opening of the boxes :


Here’s Caroline working her way through the boxes :


Then after a lengthy process of checking a list and marking stuff down, blah, blah, blah… comes the tagging. We don’t just stick a tag on anything here at simple things. Tags are little works of art – please take note next time you’re in. The bedding tags are tea-stained, stamped, written on and attached with satin ribbon.


Then comes the fun part – filling the shelves. It’s very exciting to see well stocked shelves. It’s all organized by color, but the textures are all jumbled together, making for an artful display.

photo 2


I guess we should tell you a little bit about Bella Notte. For those of you not in the know, Bella Notte is a bedding company that we have carried for the last 11 years. They make what we would describe as elegantly faded, vintage washed, highly textural, beautifully colored, basically perfect bedding – sheets, shams, duvet covers, bedspreads, bed skirts, throw pillows and throw blankets in satin, cotton, linen, velvet, and lace.

photo 2

Bella Notte are masters of mixing textures to make a beautiful bed. And then we have Caroline to knock it out of the park with her artfully made displays. Check them out on instagram - her beds continually get the most likes.


So, finally I get to the point – if you need bedding, now’s a great time to come in. You can walk right in and have your pick of a great selection of bits and pieces…. or call and make an appointment with our bedding guru, Caroline – she will make up a beautiful bed just for you right before your eyes.

And, just in case you need one, we can order you a new bed – iron, upholstered, slipcovered… but that’s a whole other post.

It’s a Sale. And a Pretty Good One.

We are ringing in the new year with a floor sample sale. You, our blog readers, get first dibs AND special pricing! Be sure you mentioned that you saw it on the blog. Come by and take a look before we let the cat out of the bag on Facebook and Instagram.


upholstered, down blend seats and backs, 100% cotton fabric, dull chrome nailhead

original price – 1460    sale price – 899   blog price – 700


upholstered, heavy duty woven cotton, down back,

original price – 1980   sale price – 999   blog price – 700


curved wingback, upholstered. contrast trim and back,

original price – 1632   sale price – 899   blog price – 500


upholstered, swivel chair in a pearl grey 100% cotton, down seat and back

original price – 1958   sale price – 999   blog price – 700


pair of “madmen” chairs, upholstered in grey flannel suit fabric, down blend seats and backs

original price – 1670   sale price – 799   blog price – 600 each


upholstered, soft pink 100% linen, tufted barrel back, swivel chair

original price – 1706   sale price – 799   blog price – 500


1950′s throwback, upholstered, green damask, dark wood legs

original price – 899   sale price – 499   blog price – 300


blue velvet, upholstered, tufted back , dirty pewter nailhead

original price – 2249   sale price – 1099   blog price – 700


swivel glider, off white quilted cotton, box pleat skirt, down back

original price – 1699   sale price – 899   blog price – 600


floral linen english arm, turned legs, down back, down blend seat

original price – 1899   sale price – 999   blog price – 600


green and white floral, down back,

original price – 1649   sale price – 799   blog price – 500


simple classic natural cotton parsons chair

original price – 999   sale price – 499   blog price - 100


zebra print bench, cotton blend fabric, antique pine turned legs

original price – 690   sale price – 399   blog price – 300


velvet tufted bench, dark stained turned legs

original price – 990   sale price – 499   blog price – 350


 zebra bench in a heavy woven wool and silk rug, nailhead, fluted legs

original price – 1299   sale price – 699   blog price – 500


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