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Semi-Annual We-Are-Bored-With-Stuff Sale

We bore easily. This is how these sales come about. Usually we start moving things around, but it’s the summer and just too hot and too much trouble, so we decided to sit down and start sending stuff to the chopping block. So here you go – our occisional-annual, but sometimes more often, We-Are-Bored-With-Stuff Sale. By the way, there are rules: no returns, no exchanges, no warranty. It’s yours–we never want to see it again.

First up–a “perfect chair” that we still find perfect. We had two, someone purchased one and ruined our fun. Stunning fabric in a non-washable linen ticking stripe, fantastic soft color, great hand, and most important–unbelievably comfortable (see “the perfect chair” post). Dimensions – 35″W 38″D 35″H

original price – $2190   sale price – $999

Here’s a pair of tables–side tables for a high arm sofa or perfect bedside tables. Why are they on the list? We have a lot of bedsides in stock right now, and honestly we are divided on whether we love them.  We thought they were priced too high anyway. We aren’t hating on them or anything, but this is called a Stuff-We-Are-Bored-With Sale. ‘Nuf said. Dimensions – 29″W 16 1/2″D 30″H

original price – $1290 each   sale price – $400 each 


This is one of our favorite benches of all time. We think they are perfect in every way. We love to upholster them in antique rugs. This one is covered in a vintage rag rug. The only bad thing about these benches? We have like 30 of them. Not really. We have 4 of them, and we don’t want to change our name to Benches-R-Us. So we threw one into this sale. Buy this one. You won’t regret it. 60″W 16″D 18″H

original price – $1490    sale price – $800


We love this cabinet. It’s curved with curved doors. BOOM. Perfect in every way…we did scratch it…a little. It’s pink–just barely pink.  A little tiny bit pink…in a good way. Great architecture, subtle carved detail, ball feet. It would make a nice small scale buffet, an entry piece, storage in a nursery, a media cabinet, endless possibilities. 48″W 22″D 36″H

original price – $2490   sale price – $600


Okay, now this one comes with a story. We won’t mention any names or anything, but due to a customer’s little space planning “pickle”, we have some extra leather chairs…4 to be exact.  These are leather swivel chairs, one of our favorite frames due to the graceful architecture and the high back. The leather is soft and supple (you know how I hate that word, but it’s accurate in this case). The color is difficult to name–some might say taupe, neutral light brownish, chalky, hint of moss, cloudy, grey-ish. The manufacturer calls it fennel–poetic,huh? Buy one, two, three, or go crazy and buy four….actually don’t buy three – promise me you will never buy three chairs. That’s bad juju, it has to be. 32″W 37″D 38″H.

original price – $3690    sale price – $999


Now we are going to have a run of items that are the result of what we refer to as pair-breakers. Each of these fine pieces were part of a pair–half of a pair actually, but someone came along and stole them away from their twin. You know who you are.

SOLD!!!! First up, a butterfly chair. Not a lot to say here – a classic mid century design inspired by British campaign furniture of the 1800’s. This one is a grey washed denim with leather reinforcements on the corners. These are surprisingly comfy, fun chairs. Great on a covered porch, in a kids’ room, an office, a dorm room or just a really cool extra chair in a living room. We are unloading this one because, as I said, it was a part of a pair that was broken, plus we recently got a leather one and you really can’t have too many butterfly chairs. Remember what started happening with the benches.

original price – $299  sale price – $100

SOLD!!! Another lonely twin – a planter. This is a really large container that is a reproduction of a formal planter that might have been used for a topiary or orange tree…think Provence, E.M. Forester, Versailles–of course they would have been used in pairs, but sadly this is not the fate of this planter. It’s beautiful. You need it. 25″W 25″D 30″H. It’s missing a non essential bolt thing.

original price – $699   sale price – $200


Here is a black bedside dresser…or stand alone dresser. Solid black, clean lines. You might even say modern lines. Very simple. The front has a slight curve that keeps it from being boring. 36″W 22″D 30″H

original price – $899   sale price – $500


Last up, we have decided to have a sale on our in-stock Dash and Albert rugs – this sale will not apply to anything special order. The rug rack is up by our counter, and we are just tired of looking at the same rolls of rugs day after day. We decided a sale is in order. So all the in stock Dash and Albert rugs are 50% off!!! There are several small cotton rugs, a few indoor/outdoor rugs and a few wool rugs. Big change a-comin’ in this department.

One more thing – We will only hold sale items for 24 hours.




Deal of the Week – SOLD!

Sorry, it sold already.

Last week the Deal of the Week was the result of a huge shift in the showroom. You see, we move one thing, do one project and it causes a domino effect. This particular domino effect was a week, no, a two week long event. And so, this week instead of chairs all over the place we found ourselves completely surrounded by ottomans. Ottomans of every shape and size. If you need an ottoman, we can set you up. Ottomans-R-Us.

So, I’m pretty sure you can guess what we are trying to pawn off on someone. That’s right folks! It’s unload-an-ottoman day here at Simple Things!

We looked around at the 30 or 40 ottomans (…not, really, but almost), and we settled on this big white slipcovered ottoman. It’s pretty big and pretty white. It’s slipcovered in a washable white denim. Really white. And the cool thing about this one is that the top cushion is separate and is filled with down! It’s a big squishy cushion. Now, back to the size – it’s generously sized. It could be used as a big ol’ coffee table, or as we have it here – a bench at the end of a bed. It would be great in a TV room or a playroom, or maybe a seat tucked under a window. What I’m saying – it’s versatile. So, just buy it already.

dimensions – 60″wide, 28″deep, 18″ high

Note :  These may be some of the worse photographs on our blog, but c’mon, you try and take a photo of a giant bright white box and make it look interesting. I assure you it has much more character in person.



original price – $1190   sale price – $300!!!!

And here are the rules :

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 . Call. It’s best to call. Really.)
2. No holds. None. We just can’t.
3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.

Did I mention, it’s best to call??



Deal of the Week – SOLD!

Yikes! SOLD!! That was fast! 30 seconds fast!

Well, here we are again – Deal of the Week day! Wow! It’s gonna be hard to beat last week’s deal…..not really. There wasn’t one.

Today we are going to unload a chair. A leather chair. Is there anything wrong with this chair? No. Is this an unpleasant looking chair? An uncomfortable chair? No and No. It’s a great looking chair with a soft dark sueded-but-not-suede leather – a waxed nubuck kinda thing. Today’s deal falls into the category of We Don’t Know Where to Put This Thing. This breed of deal is one that often appears after a major showroom shift. There’s always an orphan chair or two that end up shoved into an awkward corner.

This is not your typical leather chair. It has a modern sorta look to it. It’s a small scale chair – great for a small space or for an office. What makes it special is it’s architecture. It has what we call an exposed frame – which means the wood is on the outside. Cool, huh?

dimensions – 30″ wide, 31″ deep, 34″ high





original price – $2690   sale price – $600

And here are the rules :

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 . Call. It’s best to call. Really.)
2. No holds. None. We just can’t.
3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.

Did I mention, it’s best to call??

A Sign of Good Things

Sometimes we like to post something that gives you a little insight into the workings of the store.  We are always cooking up projects around here, and there are a few exciting projects coming. This is the first one we’ve actually checked off the list. I, as always, feel it necessary to set it up a bit. So, here goes.

The other day on Instagram I posted this photo of green paint in a pan along with a cryptic message asking people to guess what we were using such a bright color for. Oh, do you follow us on Instagram? Well, you should.


Anyway, the plan was to, later that day, post the completed “green project”. Well, around here things don’t always go exactly as planned…pretty much ever.  So, a week and a half later, when the Instagram post was long forgotten,…we finally have a finished product. So, here you go – a new sign, freshly stuck onto our building. AND it’s green!


And a bonus! Here’s a time lapse video we made of the painting process, mainly because we learned how to use the time lapse feature on the phone and we are pleased as punch about it.

This new sign, turns out, is a sign of things to come this summer. New stuff. New projects. New ideas.

Stay tuned….


Deal of the Week – SOLD!

Sorry, it sold.

It’s Deal of the Week time again! And I think we should be congratulated on remembering to have a Deal two weeks in a row. To celebrate this huge accomplishment and because we are feeling really happy today we are selling off something quite great.

This is a beautiful slipcovered chair from Cisco Brothers. It has a washable linen cover in a light weight natural linen. It is a simple, clean, classic frame – put it anywhere, put it with anything – it’s a chameleon. It can be friends with pretty much any furniture or any room. Oh, and it’s comfy.

But wait. This is important. If you don’t like wrinkle-y relaxed linen (and if you don’t, you’re dead wrong) you should really walk away from this deal. Really. It will wrinkle no matter what. I mean, come on, it’s linen. Type A buyers beware!

Dimensions – 38″ wide, 38″ deep, 31″ high





original price – $2490   sale – $600!!!

And here are the rules :

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 . Call. It’s best to call. Really.)
2. No holds. None. We just can’t.
3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.

And one more thing, while I have your attention I need to let you all know that We will be closed this holiday weekend in observance of Memorial Day – Saturday thru Monday. We will reopen on Tuesday morning at 10am. We hope you enjoy your weekend!


Deal of the Week – SOLD

Sold in less than a minute!

Well, it’s been a while, huh? Let me first tell you who to thank for this. Actually two different blog readers emailed us asking us why the blog has been so quiet. What I’m saying is, we pander to fan mail. So, without further ado, I bring you the Deal of the Week.

We are big fans of pairs – pairs of lamps, pairs of bedside tables, pairs of chairs. However, not everyone respects the sanctity of the pair. I’m not bad-mouthing anybody. Sometimes there’s not space for a pair of things. Sometimes a single is what’s called for. This week’s deal is the work of what we like to call a pair-breaker. They just needed one. Just one chair. So they left us with a lonely single chair missing it’s twin. I know. Sad, huh? Well, our pain is your gain. We are unloading a Cisco Brothers swivel slipper chair. You know what a slipper chair is, right? Lowish seat, no arms. Anyway, this is a great looking, remarkably comfortable, chair slipcovered in a nice neutral washable linen. Another bonus is the great topstitching detail on the back cushion. I’ll include a photo below. You see, a slipper chair can look rather dull, but Cisco solved this by adding this design to the back. This chair could go any number of places in your home. It’s size makes it very versatile. And I mentioned the swivel, right? We love a swivel! This is a great chair.

Dimensions – 29 wide, 36 deep, 30 high







original price – $1290   sale price – $350

And here are the rules :

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772 . Call. It’s best to call. Really.)
2. No holds. None. We just can’t.
3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.

Closed this Saturday

We will be closed today for the holiday weekend. Please come see us next week. We reopen on Monday at 10am. image

Deal of the Week

I want preface this deal of the week post with an important bit of information. And here it is : I completely object to the “Deal-of-the-Weeking” of this item. It goes against all the criteria that we use in choosing a deal.  We originally stated that the deal of the week would rid the store of superfluous tiresome things, or things that are not as perfect as they could be. This is not the case today, and I’m kind of bitter about it.

Is this item ugly? No.

Does this item take up valuable space on our floor? No.

Is this item imperfect in any way? No.

So, I stated my case to the Deal of the Week Council, quite assertively in fact, and said council struck me down. You will have to forgive an pouty-ness in my countenance when describing this item.

It’s an ottoman, a pouf really. It’s upholstered in a washed indigo cotton. It’s tufted with french tufting, no less. It’s brand spanking new to our showroom floor. It’s perfect. In every way. It does not deserve this kind of rejection or ejection from our store.

dimensions (It’s the perfect size too.) 19″ high, 26″ diameter




original price – $699     sale price – $200

If you don’t buy it, you are crazy, and if you don’t hurry and call, I will. 817-332-1772

The rules :

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772. Call. It’s best to call.)
2. No holds. None. We just can’t.
3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.

There’s another Perfect Chair?

Okay, I’m about to go into a full-on furniture geek rant – the good kind of rant. You’ve read similar rants here. Do you remember “The Perfect Chair”?   A post we did a while back? (you can read it here, if you missed it.) Well, this rant is similar because this chair, like the last one,is another amazing chair from Lee Industries. And it really is another perfect chair – but for different reasons. This chair is a solution. An answer to a lot of chair dilemmas. It’s versatility and ability to go into any house, any room, anywhere is where its perfection lies.

Intrigued? Read on.


First of all, and listen up, because this is really great, and a bit of an anomaly in the chair world – this chair is SMALL – more specifically, its footprint is small. But the real genius of this frame is that the seat still sits like a roomy chair. This combination increases the anywhere-ness of this chair by at least one million percent. So, if you have a smaller space to fill, or maybe you want a pair of chairs and want to keep an open feel to your room, well, this is your chair.  It’s small enough to fit into a small space, but its seat is big enough to be remarkably comfortable. So, in essence it’s a small chair with the comfort of a big chair. This is technology at work – the Egyptians building the pyramids kind of innovation. The wheel. Electricity. Slice and bake cookie dough. Historical kind of brilliance.


Okay, and here’s another great thing. It has a style and line that you can plop into any kind of room – traditional, modern, cottage, clean, cluttered. This chair is a chameleon. Hey –  “The Chameleon Chair”? Uh, no. “The Anywhere Chair” ?  That has possibilities.

And now for the bullet point portion of our show :

  • American made
  • 8 way hand-tied springs
  • It comes standard with down-wrapped cushions. This is great. Trust me.
  • It has a subtle curve to the back, which makes it more ergonomic and adds a little grace to its look.
  • It can be ordered as a swivel. We love swivels
  • The upholstered version comes standard with nailhead trim or spit tacks.
  • It can be slipcovered.
  • Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. Did I say comfort?
  • A fantastic scale. Perfect size. I can’t say this enough.

Who is the ideal buyer of this chair? Could it be you? Are you clueless about what chair to buy? Do you have chair commitment issues? Do you need a chair you could use anywhere? This might just be the solution –  In fact, this chair might be the most versatile chair in our showroom. And we almost always have them on hand, which is a sign of its greatness. I can’t think of a time when there wasn’t one here in some form or another.  And right now we have several versions. Wanna see?

Slipcovered :


Beautiful worn leather with spit-tack trim :


Upholstered in a soft blue fabric with a pewter nailhead trim :


Upholstered in a cotton pinstripe :



Still no name though. How about the Anywhere Chair? Let’s go with that. It’s catchy. It’s got a little rhythm to it…plus, it’s true.


Deal of the Week….finally SOLD!

Sorry, it’s sold.


We are feeling very guilty. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us. So to make amends we are going to do something unprecedented – a pair of chairs. A pair! Washable slipcoered chairs, no less!

Now, why are we so willing to ditch a pair of chairs? I mean, besides the fact that we are trying to repent. Well, our store is busting at the seams – there’s stuff that hasn’t even seen the light of day. So this is going to make some room. And, to be frank, these chairs are, well, a little boring. The frame isn’t the problem – The frame is great, a classic. It’s actually one of our best sellers. The issue is the fabric. It’s really boring fabric. Durable, washable cotton. But it’s tan. Just tan. Like khaki pants. Boring.

And one more thing, we aren’t delivering these. You gotta come get em’, and the sooner the better.

Dimensions – 31″ wide, 41″ deep, 38″ high







original price $1440 each, so $2880 for the pair    sale price – $999. For the pair!!!!

Call now! These will sell in seconds! 817-332-1772

The rules :

1. First paying customer gets it. By phone or in person ( 817-332-1772. Call. It’s best to call.)
2. No holds. None. We just can’t.
3. No returns. We never want to see this thing again. ever.



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